Ramadamn Inconsiderate



This morning.

Outside the Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland, Clonskeagh, Dublin

CMc writes;

“Today’s the first day of Eid ul-Fitr and Eid prayer (the feast day which marks the end of Ramadan). As an atheist I’m glad Allah (and God outside every church of a Sunday morning) allows inconsiderate-arsehole-parking…”


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50 thoughts on “Ramadamn Inconsiderate

  1. Lisa

    Oh get over it. If god exists he doesn’t “allow” anything – that’s the free will they go on about. As for you however, relax the cacks and try driving by any school at home time for some really bad parking. That includes the educate togethers by the way.

    1. Well that's that

      So being inconsiderate and ignorant is OK once you have any excuse to throw out when questioned…??

  2. Clampers Outside!

    Clampers gonna clamp !

    They had a field day for a whole week at the Solemn Novenas in Galway earlier in the year, as they do every year! Get up there and clamp the lot!

  3. Double Standards

    Garda discretion is it – because if it is, it’s totally double standards.

    This is a regular occurrence on Fridays – footpaths blocked so parents with buggies who regularly collect their children from many of the local schools cannot get by, elderly people have to walk on the road, cyclists are prevented from using the cycle lanes, the grass verges decimated, buses cannot stop at the bus stop- I have only once seen a garda giving tickets – but ever since this has been allowed – some oil Baron give a sneaky envelope to someone in power?????

    Monday morning anger!!!!!!!

    1. Sidewinder

      Yeah I’ve never once seen a garda walk past a school or church with loads of illegally cars parked outside it and simply ignore every last one of them. Not once. Deary me no.

      1. Norbet Cooper

        Well I saw one gobby woman stopped in the middle of the road out side the school in blackpitts refusing to move until a armed Garda who was stuck behind her beeping, got out and laid down the law eastwood style. never saw at micra move so fast…

    2. Clampers Outside!


      First I heard of this. Now, this is one rule for one group one for another. There was uproar over the rampant clamping everyday of the Galway Novenas. This double standard should be stopped. Make them pay like anyone else.

      I’d like to know one honest to good reason why this privilege was given. That’s a joke.

  4. Dave G

    Man, drive through most towns or villages on a Sunday and you will see worst than this……

  5. Mick

    There are kids being murdered in Gaza. Sorry the parking doesn’t fit into your ‘perfect’ world. Better go home and feng shui your house.

  6. Cave

    Always gives me a laugh to see all the god fearing, good doing, faith embracing devoted kind Catholics fall over each other and be as unchristian as possible just to get outta the car park first after mass. It seems the message of god goes out the window once you enter a car. You’d think he’d have known they were coming and allowed for this in his teachings ……

    Or maybe they’re all just nuts

  7. Wayne Carr

    Those cycle lanes are nearly as bad as the cycle lanes in Ranelagh. Wouldn’t like to have to cycle through Clonskeagh and Ranelagh to go to work.

  8. Turd Ferguson

    It’s shite that they’re blocking the footpaths a bit, but they’re not on the road and look like they have made an effort to be as out of the way as possible with the day that’s in it.

  9. Crank

    Yeah the two in the cycle lane in photo 2 are being inconsiderate. And maybe in photo 1, if there isn’t enough room on the inside for a wheelchair to pass.

    Other than that, this is just photos of cars.

  10. Stewart Curry

    It’s like Dublin Zoo on a nice weekend. Cars parked in places where the only way they cold get them in there was to get out and move the signs saying “Please don’t park here, you’ll ruin the grass”

  11. Anonymous Bosch

    This has nowt to do with religion and all to do with a**holish parking tactics. You see the same thing in Drumcondra every time there’s a major match at Croker, in Galway for the Novena, and so on ad infinitum.

    TL;DR version: popular event + shortage of available parking spaces = drivers extracting the urine.

  12. Friday

    As an atheist, I feel I can say that most people who start sentences with “as an atheist” are insufferable eejits.

  13. CousinJack

    So culchies and muslims have a lot in common, including ruining dublin for good taxcing paying aethists with their religious and social gathering

  14. mark coco

    would it still be inconsiderate if it was outside a cemetery during a funeral? come on now, theres obviously not enough available parking spaces for the event being celebrated (and probably only for a couple of hours or so). Get over yourself, theres bigger issues out there

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