10 thoughts on “We Don’t Normally Shoe This

  1. Mister Mister

    Seriously, for a pair of sandals. How do you lose sandals on a slip road anyway ?

    Buy a new pair, tight ass.

  2. Davey T

    I saw a dodgy looking guy with small looking feet limping around cork yesterday in one sandal…. would be happy to pick him out in a line-up

  3. Buglebum

    Did she/he not notice it falling off their foot at the time? Or was the sandal being dragged behind a wedding car and fell off? Or did someone throw a pair of sandals at her/him from a passing car on the slip road and ‘Jaysus! Them’s Ecco sandals!’ sez him/her but didn’t one of them get lost in the tall grass on the verge and feck it anyways.

    So many questions

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