26 thoughts on “For Your Consideration: Collide

  1. Drogg

    Ok so are the nineties back in vogue cause this is like every post grunge rock video from the nineties. Also that song could seriously do with rocking a bit harder.

  2. zzzzzzzz

    This is brilliant. Thank you for sharing.

    I haven’t laughed and cringed at the same time like that in a while.

    When is the next video coming out?

        1. Mick Flavin

          “I’m getting a Nickleback buzz off it”
          That’s probably the worst attempt at a compliment I’ve ever seen, Clamps…

          1. Clampers Outside!

            That depends on what you are into and Luke it would appear likes that style of music and vocal and he sings it very well. So…… just because ya don’t like that style yourself Mick…. :)

  3. MrWhippy

    My favorite bit at 1:57…
    “but it don’t la ee ah ee ah ee ast”
    followed by an out of sync drum fill.

  4. Buglebum

    In fairness to poor oul Mick who sent this in and must now be cringing at this shitstorm of negativity, the video, as opposed to the song, is perfectly grand.

  5. Anne

    Could ye try to be nice sometimes jaazus, so mean.. oh yer all fellas, it’s ok, carry on.

    They’ve definitely got talent in my opinion..
    Here’s my tuppence worth – Throw in a bit of a dubstep, reggae sound, dancehall and a faster beat and I’d like it. They wouldn’t be a ‘five piece rock band’ then I suppose.
    Oh and less close ups and I think slow motion went with Baywatch.
    Nothing wrong with baggy jeans IMO, if the arse is nice, it’s all the one. He looks like he’s a grand arse in fairness.

  6. cohenhand

    The video would have been much better if the woman in the bed was really, really plain.

    Blonde models in Irish pop videos is so done.

  7. Quint

    Shockingly bad on so many levels: the clothes, the song, the whiff of 90s-era MTV banality…Thought it was a spoof at first.

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