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I want my NTV.

Nick Cave

Luan Parle

Singer-songwriter Luan Parle writes:

I’d love you ALL to feature in my next music video…

I have just released a new album ‘Never Say Goodbye’ and since we’re all in isolation at the moment I’ve come up with a fun creative idea that you, your family & your kids can all get involved in.

What do you need to do?

Record yourself rocking out to this song, playing air guitar, doing handstands, sing into your hairbrush, whatever you like! The more creative the better.

If you have a child, an adult, a grandparent or house hold pet who plays guitar, drums, keyboard etc record them playing along.

Don’t worry about the audio, that will be overdubbed.

Video must be shot in landscape (hold your phone horizontally while recording).

Then email your clip to me at luanlive@gmail.com

Luan Parle

Thanks Clive Barnes

Screenshot from Taoiseach Leo Varadkar’s election campaign video which he launched on Twitter; the video was subsequently deleted


Taoiseach Leo Varadkar posted a video about himself – which included RTÉ footage of himself – to launch his general election campaign.

It following his announcement that the election will take place on Saturday, February 8.

The clip also confirmed that the party’s slogan is A Future To Look Forward To.


Last night.

Cormac McQuinn, on Independent.ie, reported the video was removed from his Twitter profile because it contained RTÉ News footage without permission.

Mr McQuinn reported:

…It opened with international news broadcasters saying his name and a caption that claims he “secured a deal to protect Ireland’s interests” in the Brexit talks.

It also included RTÉ News footage featuring news reader Eileen Dunne which was posted without the broadcaster’s permission.

….A Fine Gael spokesman said the issue was as a result of a “technical oversight”.

He added: “Our production company previously attempted to contact RTE several times regarding use of this footage.

“The two second clip has been re-edited,” he added.


‘Clip has been re-edited’ – Varadkar removes election video that used RTÉ News footage without permission (Cormac McQuinn, Independent.ie)

Just now.

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar “drops” a Fine Gael general election video – although he’s the only Fine Gael party member mentioned in it.

It also confirms that the party’s slogan is “A Future To Look Forward To”.


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From top: Independent TD Micheal Lowry (third from right) with his political team John ‘Rocky’ McGrath, his son Micheál Lowry, Michael O’Meara, Shane Lee and Eddie Moran who all won seats in the local elections in Tipperary; a supposed fan of Lowry in Jamaica 

Michael Lowry TD writes on his Facebook page:

Kev is back in Montego Bay and is delighted that #TeamLowry achieved its #Drive4Five.

The drive for 5 is alive ya man.

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