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From top: Independent TD Micheal Lowry (third from right) with his political team John ‘Rocky’ McGrath, his son Micheál Lowry, Michael O’Meara, Shane Lee and Eddie Moran who all won seats in the local elections in Tipperary; a supposed fan of Lowry in Jamaica 

Michael Lowry TD writes on his Facebook page:

Kev is back in Montego Bay and is delighted that #TeamLowry achieved its #Drive4Five.

The drive for 5 is alive ya man.

Previously: Bumbaclot

46 years after the song’s initial release, Elton John sanctions director Max Weiland – one of three winners of a YouTube competition – to make a video for ‘Tiny Dancer’, shot, appropriately on the streets and highways of LA.

The song is one of three such videos that debuted at Cannes this month: Iranian filmmaker and refugee Majid Adin’s animated take on ‘Rocket Man’ and ‘Benny And The Jets’ directed as an origin story by Jack Whiteley and Laura Brownhill



The one that got away, the misspent youth, the late nights winding on. The thoughts of the late-stage twenty-something feeling that vim and vigour go past them. It’s the crux of single Let Go, by songwriter Final Boss of My Twenties.

Writes Danny Carroll:

Final Boss Of My Twenties is the well-chosen moniker of Simon Maguire. The twenty-eight year old Dubliner has been many things in his life – a gardener, barman, shelf-stacker and admin office drone – negotiating the precarious employment prospects of a philosophy graduate post global crash. Looking into his thirties and increasingly feeling his youth slip away, Maguire has now chosen to face his final boss – songwriting. Attending the BIMM School Of Music, Maguire honed his craft, arriving at a sound that evokes literate 80s crooners such as Julian Cope and Morrissey.

Video directed by Sean Gallagher, camera by Joe van Velzen.

Final Boss of My Twenties


Something about anniversaries that just makes for a great hook for a story, isn’t there? Hit Parade knew this when they reconvened last year for a tenth-anniversary show, but in filming a new video for founder Conor O’Malley’s tune Shake of Hands (The Heart), the band has created a little something more.

They write:

Last year (we) reunited for a 10 year anniversary where we performed a charity gig at Dublin’s Workman’s Club, recorded a new song, and filmed an accompanying short film.

Shot in black and white, the new video for “Shake of Hands (The Heart)” finds band members starring in their own urban tale. The setting is contemporary Dublin, and as the song’s plaintive lyrics and Rickenbackers ring out, an intense chess game unfolds, intercut with street shots and religious imagery.

The short film is directed by Hit Parade members Conor Purcell and Conor O’Malley, screenplayed by Conor Purcell, and filmed and edited by award winning videographer Daniel Dalton. Music and lyrics were written by Conor Purcell, performed by Hit Parade, and recorded and mixed by Daniel Doherty at Darklands Audio, Dublin.



Broadsheet on the Telly.

The independent, alternative talk show that’s been hours months in the making is ready to go LIVE!

A show where YOU discuss the stories of the day, probe the issues and HAVE a natter over a late night doobie martini tay.

And no one – not even your mother* – can tell you to shut up.

Broadcasting tonight and every Thursday at 11.30pm, on Broadsheet.ie and our YouTube channel.

Any excuse.

* unless it’s her gaff.

UPDATE: So as not to clash with Vincent Browne we will now commence at 11.45pm