37 thoughts on “No Sleep Till Tortilla

    1. Disasta

      +1 bunch of miserable pr1cks.
      Same people probably rarely/never buy one from an established burrito eatery.

  1. rmc

    yeah, no. THink I’ll just pop down tomorrow and buy one instead of queuing for an hour and a half

  2. Jackie Healy Rae Seductively Eating a Banana

    These are the type of people buy Old El Paso or watch Donal Skehan, their lack of discernible taste its the only reasonable explanation for queuing for some pretty average burritos

    1. Booze filth shocker

      Good man/woman/animal atlas. In the words of Los Mexicanos themselves, they are but a gringada; a bastardised, and in my opinion, inferior version of US-style Mexican food. Get yourself some tamales y atoles, enmoladas, frijoles y arroz and more delights besides, and get to know authentic Mexican cuisine :-)

    1. Anne

      Only if it came with a good dose of the scuts for free too..

      They’re bound to be using the cheapest of s**** feeding that shower of scroungers.

        1. Mani

          A scuts a rabbits tail isn’t it? Surely what we’re looking for here is your old fashioned dose of the scours?

          1. Anne

            Ah, scours will do grand too.. if it’s free like.

            Urban Dic.

            An Irish word meaning liquid excriment. Runny poo (Diarrhoea)

            i went to fuppen kabab last night and this morning i had the scutters like good thing. Me ring is humming , ye know what i mean Anto man

  3. Lilly

    Anyone have a view on the best burrito in Dublin? I had one in Tolteca earlier and it was fairly bland. But at least I didn’t have to queue for it.

    1. Peadar

      Boojum > Tuzo > Pablo Picante > Burritos and Blues > Tolteca > K Chido > Saburritos > Mama’s Revenge.

      I’ve never tried the Little Ass Burrito Bar on Dawson St, so I don’t know where that should rank.

      1. Tannoy

        There is no way on earth that the ‘Irish stew in a wrap’ served by Burritos & Blues trumps the highly standardised but solid Chipotle clones served at Tolteca, which is close to Pablo Picante in quality.

        1. edalicious

          Completely agree, Burritos and Blues used to be good in Ranelagh but it’s current incarnation is definitely falling behind the competition.

        1. Sheila

          Yes! Love Cafe Azteca. It’s proper Mexican food too i,e, not TexMex and its not a burrito bar. The Tamales are sooo goooood.

  4. Dufresne2012

    Will ye all calm down. These are probably mostly students (their target market on Kevin Street) queueing for a free (albeit a bit bland) Burrito. It’s a newly opened shop and they’re letting people know they’re open.

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