19 thoughts on “Easy Parker

  1. spider

    Some car parks dont provide safe/secure parking for bikes… in that case you have to use a car space. Blame poor planning, not the person who is looking after their property as they are entitled to do.

    Motorcyclists are not second class citizens BTW…

    1. Anon

      Calling it road tax is not a good idea — pedestrians, cyclists, and everyone pays for the roads — more accurate to call it a motor tax because that (carbon emissions) is the basis of the tax .

      (I very deliberately checked to make sure and this is the case in Ireland too.)

      Might be better to park it crossways so another motorcycle might be able to share the space but seems entirely reasonable parking to me.

  2. Delacaravanio

    What is the issue here? He is parked between the lines, so it’s not that. Motorcyclists pay taxes (road/motor, whatever you like to call it), so it’s not that either.

    Has this website has run out of stuff to post about?

  3. Smeghead

    Don’t see an issue here, unless it’s a pay car park, where you get a ticket on the way in, which motorbikes can easily get around.

  4. Der

    I suppose they’re suggesting that bikes shouldn’t take up a car space and should just be parked in a corner somewhere. Not that I agree, or disagree. Its a car park – I don’t care.

  5. Sidewinder

    Your parking photo standards are slipping lads. This is just a vehicle using a parking space.

  6. H

    As already said, if there are no dedicated bike spaces then they had no choice but to use a car space, so there is no issue.

    This post should have been entitled ‘I thought I’d found a space but it was occupied by a bike so I got all pissy about it, took a picture and posted it on the internet’.

  7. Mister Mister

    Nothing wrong with that. Had he parked on the footpath you’d have someone else with little to to posting about it.

  8. Walter Ego

    Can’t see a problem with parking in an empty spot. I do it all the time. Motorbike users pay Insurance and Road Tax and pretty soon NCT’s.

  9. Murtles

    Look at dodge parking of the red car owning boll-ix behind the bike. How hard is it to park between two lines? They should introduce that into the driving test instead of this 3 point turn malarky.

    1. Mister Mister

      They may have kids in the back so hog the line on the right so they can get them out easier and don’t ding the car next to them in doing so.

      It’s a very thoughtful driver.

  10. the good helen

    i think he/she is parking fine. Perfect parking and he’s a motorbike, he’s to abide by the rules of the road the same as a car, where else should he park?

  11. Mr. T.

    Parking spaces for people, whether they drive a car, van, big wheel, home made go-car or a motorbike.

  12. Big Mad Bond Fan

    Nothing to see here.

    The only danger is a car driver thinking they’ve spotted a space and going in too fast to stop when they realise that’s not the case.

  13. stephen

    That parking is fine. I’m sure if the biker was “considerate” and parked on the footpath, people would be complaining about the “selfish” motorcyclist blocking the way of pedestrians.

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