33 thoughts on “Up In Our Grill

    1. Am i still On this Island

      You know it’s only worth about 20,000 euro or so and the maintenance bills are probably punishment enough

      1. Helen

        i’m surprised you aren’t on another post making some racist remarks on Palestinians.

        1. Am i still On this Island

          Please remind me of what you speak, every time you are asked to link these racist quotes you fail to do so. Nice to see you have realised the stupidity of accusing me of being homophobic though.

          The point remains the car probably cost less than an average family saloon or a new mini to buy now.

          Mellow greeting and have a joy joy day

          1. Helen

            I still maintain you’re a homophobe. I’m well aware that you’re gay, but you’re a self-hating gay man. You’re comments that the Gay Pride festival shouldn’t have political speeches clearly showed that.

          2. Am i still On this Island

            I love myself and my life! I am sorry you can not control your bitterness, but still waiting on that racism link??

        2. Don Pidgeoni

          BS was better before Helen came along and ruined everything with this continual shite

          1. Am i still On this Island

            It’s funny BS regulates bad language, multiple links, but allows defamatory statements & hate speech on an attempt to bully posters

          2. Don Pidgeoni

            Its gotten very boring and stupid now and kinda ruining things for me at least. A poster stalking others around the shop and going on and on about imaginary conversations they think happened? Lame.

          3. scottser

            ah, she’s not that bad. besides, i get a wee kick out of knowing that no matter how much nonsense i spout it’ll never reach the level of some on here lately.

    2. Buggalugga

      Sound bitter Helen- the call centre not pay too well? Your 16 year old Mitsubishi Colt fail the Nct again?

    3. martco

      could be a girl too y’know Helen….I’m sure there’s many women out there who need to pay more tax
      not aware of any car going by that name though

      I think it’s a Bentley and probably a Mulsanne Turbo variant

      fair play to the guy or girl that owns her, a car like that demands major tlc and funding if it’s to be out on the roads (as opposed to being a sad object kept in a garage)

  1. Assfrombelunker

    Was it for this is right! How quickly we forget the doomed 77. Once upon a time members of a certain Irish anti-treaty party would have been affronted by such a registration. And HRH? What new face rubbing exercise is this? And on this day of joint commemoration.

  2. BentleyEightMulsanne

    It’s a Bentley ‘Eight’ – or a ‘Mulsanne’ – depending on how extravagant the original buyer was. Seeing how it’s an old Irish reg it’s probably the entry level ‘Eight’, since Irish buyers rarely plump for the top of the range in anything.

    1. Mr. T.

      It’s not an old Irish reg. It’s a UK reg. Can’t you tell? There’s no I or Z in the letters. Pff, young people today.

  3. Chris

    God this Helen one is a right old doofus ;-) her horse must have been on the thauld wakoleen tobacoleen!

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