Your Money’s No Good Here


90269032Anthony Lyons

…the Court of Criminal Appeal ruled that the original sentence for a violent sexual assault of 6 months – 6 years with 5 1/2 suspended – was unduly lenient. The three judge court led by former Chief Justice John Murray ruled that the trial judge had attached undue weight to the totality of mitigating  factors.

Anthony Lyons to return to prison immediately (

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Handed Down By His Honour Judge Desmond Hogan

15 thoughts on “Your Money’s No Good Here

  1. Mulch

    Is still boggles the mind how the first judge thought that the original sentence was appropriate, in particular the suspension. An awful lot of time and stress could have been avoided.
    Are the guidelines for judges really that broad for this kind of assault?

    1. Mulch

      I do believe he has been up for “Judge of the Day” a few time alright, in particular for sentences of crimes of a similar nature. At least some action has been taken.

  2. Del McG

    I really do hope he finds himself housed with several prisoners “suffering from the adverse effects of anti-cholesterol medication”…

    Scumbag… and worse, a rich smug scumbag who tried to buy his way out of it

  3. Haroo von Haroo

    Because he’s rich he deserves to suffer more. I don’t get it. I’m waiting for the reports on Lyons’ expression when the sentence was handed down given by a lip gloss laden media maven with a Dort accent as if Lyons is about to break into ‘my way’ or selections from ‘south pacific’.

    1. Clampers Outside!

      No. Because he’s rich he was getting off very, very lightly and that has been over turned. And he is now getting what has been deemed more appropriate sentencing.

      He got 6 years.

      He’ll serve 2yrs total. Less than the norm with 66% of his sentence reduced. That’s not suffering more.

    1. Buzz

      Screw the money. I’m sure the victim would happily forego it if she could turn back the clock and erase the horror of his attack. He got off lightly, the slimey f**k.

  4. Buzz

    Full marks to the Gardai for putting his victim in the back of the car and driving around to look for him. He could so easily have got away. He was only 100 yards from his house. What the f**k was he thinking? Incredibly, his wife is still with him.

    1. Lilly

      What exactly do you think it says: that she’s so weary after years of living with an abusive excuse-for-a-man, that she can’t see any way out? Poor woman. You can bet this guy’s path is littered with destroyed lives. He will only serve 18 months in total. I hope he enjoys many a rugby tackle in jail.

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