12 thoughts on “Bounce Baby Bounce

  1. medieval knievel

    having been in the first place on the list (tobertynan house) on more than a few occasions, the extra €120k they’re asking is peanuts compared with what you’d have to actually spend on the place, so it’s an insignificant price rise in that sense.

  2. Piquet

    Very telling that the same percentages appear on all that went up, and all that went down. Smacks of someone just using a calculator to increase and decrease prices to fit in with the weekly ‘report’ of property price increases. The game is up.

  3. Seanban

    have been watching this and it could be said…its a cynical way of playing the automatic notifications set up on potential punters myhome & daft alerts, getting repeated alerts to my inbox for the same properties, tricky trick

  4. Buzz

    So when will the next crash happen: next month, next year or when Nama releases all the property lying idle?

  5. MyHome.ie

    It was indeed an automation glitch, a feed of properties from an estate agent was sent to us in GBP instead of EURO which is what caused all the values to drop an exact percentage.

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