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A constantly morphing abstract short by Dalena Tran. To wit:

Composed of a single take, “Incomplete” invites us to traverse an endless choreography of bodies in perpetual free-fall and updating images that reflect a world in constant change. This work is an ode to what artist and media theorist Hito Steyerl coins the “poor image.” The image which is collected, copied, and processed to the point of disorientation and anonymity. The image which is not one but consists of many while presenting a different perception of coherency.

Fair enough.


The cliff walk at Ballycotton, east Cork.

(Thanks Anne Patricia)

Gina Duffy writes:

Looked and looked but couldn’t spot the signs for the toilets anywhere. Defence Forces Open Day. (Great day out by the way)

A tribute (r) to a Margaret Calvert original (l). Location unspecified.

(Thanks Elisabeth Allman)

Have you taken a picture of a sign that you believe people may not have seen before? Why not send it to broadsheet@broadsheet.ie marking your entry ‘Signs You May Not Have Seen Before’

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 14.37.16


Ireland’s eventing team rider Padraig McCarthy, from Tipperary, and his horse Simon Porloe fall during their cross country performance at the Rio Olympics this afternoon.

Both are reported to be “OK”.

Via Team Ireland