13 thoughts on “Downtime

    1. Mikeyfex

      The lighting on the second one lets it down and supermans reflection is a bit off (like he copied the image and desaturated it rather than applying a reflective material to the water and adjusting it from there) but otherwise I thought they were well integrated.

        1. Mikeyfex

          Ah, my eagerness to spoof around on these matters has been exposed! Ya, the concept is poor unless he envisaged them all having the same downtime hobby of escaping to the woods and looking at water.

    1. Tony

      Ah Mr T it might be time for a new username at this stage. Here how about Frank and saying ‘ooh Betty’ at the end? That would be class

  1. Royal M

    I’m currently doing an art project where I stick vintage Panini stickers over the faces of people in renaissance paintings. It’s actually complete shite, but I’m convinced some Parnell-lookalike on a fixed gear bike will snap it up for serious dough.

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