Little Brittany


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Lann-Bihoue Airport, Lorient, Britanny,France today.

President Higgins arriving on  an official visit to Celt festival  Festival Interceltique de Lorient, and to WW1 Commemorations in Liege and Mons, Belgium over the weekend.

Shame on him, etc.

(Aras/Photocall Ireland)

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20 thoughts on “Little Brittany

    1. kurtz

      Do Broadsheet have you on retainer as Troll in residence? Or do you actually have a proper job? Because I think you should step away from the internet and get back to whatever it is you do between 9 to 5.

      1. scottser

        i for one would love to go on the complete batter with helen. although, in a funny way, i think i already have.

    2. Helen, Helen Pants On Fire

      Wait now Helen I’m confused. Are you speaking as a woman or a man here? How are we supposed to know what you’re lying about?

        1. Helen, Helen Pants On Fire

          Oh dear. Accidentally flashing your troll pants there Helen! Who are you going to be next? Breda? Brendan?

        2. Mikeyfex

          Hoy-ooh! An insight into Helen’s aliases.

          Similarly, there was a comment from a Preposterous person in the Latest Comments section t’other day so I clicked on it and by the time the comment loaded the name had changed to that of another author. Honest mistake? Administrative error? Or something more sinister*?

          *probably not.

          As a hint, the name it changed to might be in danger if a group of myopic farmers had their way.

          1. LiamoRecords

            Every time an ABM disappears a Helen emerges.

            I’m sure that they have a monkey in the office on a job bridge whose function it is.

    3. scottser

      i happen to know that the boul micko wears union jack boxer shorts. jack jocks if you will.

    1. H

      Did I tell you the one about my great uncle who came home on leave from the Somme and was killed in the crossfire of the Easter rising on O’Connell Street? True story, really.

  1. CousinJack

    Good to see Ireland occassionally recognise other celtic nations, same taht Irelad does f’all to help them to independence

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