Panti And The Kindness of Strangers



Panti Bliss: The Queen of Ireland

A crowd funded documentary – directed by Conor Horgan and produced by B!inder Films – on the fabulous life and turbulent times of Miss Panti, Rory O’Neill.

B!inder write:

We have set a goal of €50,000 to make this film. This will allow us to continue filming with Rory / Panti over the next few months, as well as allowing us to edit, research, get rights to use archive, music, and everything else we need to make the film.  We plan to raise matching funds, so YOUR contributions will help us make this the best film possible. You cannot underestimate the impact YOU can have on the future and the success of The Queen of Ireland.

 Panti Bliss: The Queen of ireland (Indiegogo)

Thanks Michael le Cool



Patrick Corrigan writes:

“While you’re waiting for the film of Panti’s life… here’s 3 minutes of her visit to Belfast to deliver ‘Panti versus Homophobia’ the Amnesty International Belfast Pride Annual Lecture. Belfast Pride parade – Ireland’s largest – takes place tomorrow in the city…”

53 thoughts on “Panti And The Kindness of Strangers

  1. fluffybiscuits

    Could we not as gay men (yes Im gay!) have a movie about thosegay men whose very existence is not about being gay (which this IMO is, I dont know what others think but this is how it comes across to me). Thankfully there are other role models out there for other younger men like Donal Og Cusack and Gareth Thomas . Im my own man but there are those who need poisitive role models

    1. Huppenstop

      It’s a film about Panti, not a film about being gay. (I’m gay as well if we’re declaring ourselves).

  2. Wayne Carr

    The last year, when his media profile became huge, would have been potentially properly interesting. What’s happening in the next six months?

    I mean, yeah, fine, apart from legislating for gay marriage. But that hardly has anything to do with Rory O’Neill.

    1. Don Pidgeoni

      He is likely to be very involved though given he is now the go-to gay guy for TV etc

      1. Royal M

        There are many different people in the public eye, and I could think of a few I’d rather see less of than Rory. He has something important to say and he’s an excellent communicator.

        1. Deirdre C

          I’ve have been reading much of his stuff for the last few years and I’m now Panteed out. No better buachaill for promoting his own business and he has the intelligence to do it well but please no more. It’s old hat.

  3. Sniffin

    “You cannot underestimate the impact YOU can have on the future and the success of The Queen of Ireland.”

    Oh I think I most certainly can.

    1. Silmar Recruitment Consultants

      “You cannot underestimate the impact you can have” would suggest that “You CAN OVERestimate the impact you can have.” That is, your estimation of the impact you can have is probably too high. In other words, you think you can make a big impact, but your impact will in fact be low to negligible. You think you’re great but you’re puny.

      Hang on, I think B!inder is insulting us.

  4. erm

    I’d imagine this is a commercial enterprise as much as it’s a labour of love. Anyone who donates over €500 should be offered a chance of a return on their investment, not just a tote bag and some tickets to a screening they have to make their own way to. Chancers.

      1. erm

        Don’t underestimate the pink pound/euro/dollar. I happen to know that gay film festivals worldwide will pay good money to show this film. And that DVDs and downloads will also bring in a good return. All I’m saying is that, in the event of profit which in my opinion is very likely, significant investors should be rewarded. Otherwise it’s a swizz.

        1. Domestos

          Screening fees of maybe €100-€500 per fest? TV licence fees in Ireland of under €10k? Limited theatrical release of one week perhaps, box office possibly in tens of thousands split between exhibitor, distributor, sales agent, and then the producers? The probability revenues will have to go towards repaying the matching €50k mentioned above? Fair play if is does make money, then your point stands, but in reality crowd-funding is going towards getting stuff made that wouldn’t be made otherwise (as opposed to some winners of the BAI Sound and Vision scheme, which broadcasters are using to reduce their commitments to productions).

          1. huppenstop

            But why not offer it on the basis of “if we make money, so do you”? Perhaps there are legal restrictions that complicate this, I don’t know. Saying “this is v unlikely to turn a profit, so you probably won’t miss out, here’s a tote bag” doesn’t seem very solid. I find the trend for crowd funding projects is a bit ethically dubious. Blinder Films are a commercial enterprise. The funding page says that they are raising funds elsewhere (these could be from commercial backers). I’m not suggesting this is the case here, but I could envisage less ethically minded projects working out that “if we can crowd fund €50k, then we might be able to turn a profit even on a limited release”. Getting a shout out on Twitter and a thank you credit, if other backers are getting cash returns would be wrong in my view. So I’d only donate if I really wanted to see a film about Panti’s life get made and released. Which of course, I’m sure many of us do.

          2. Domestos

            There are legal and financial restrictions, an equity crowd-funding company would need to be licensed and regulated by the financial regulator to be allowed offer “investment” schemes, as opposed to the charity type set ups they mostly are now. Equity crowd-funding is coming through now on bigger projects, so the structure probably will trickle down:
            And just to state the obvious, I’m not involved with the project.

          3. huppenstop

            I see, thanks Domestos. Hopefully the move will be toward offering equity in the future. I think erm’s point is still valid though, namely that this is a commercial enterprise. And I still think it is ethically dubious (not that you said that it was or wasn’t, I hasten to add), as it is a commerical enterprise looking for money in a “charity type set up” to fund something that could potentially turn a profit. But of course no one is forcing anyone to do anything here, and I think if people adopt the principle of only donating to those projects that they couldn’t live without seeing being brought to life, then no one gets hurt.

          4. Domestos

            Wish I Was Here and Veronica Mars are good starting points for a discussion on the ethics of crowd funding. Generally punters/fanboys are happy to contribute funding for a sense of involvement and their reward being delivered on time. If the rewards aren’t delivered on time the crowd funders have been known to get pissed off.

          5. huppenstop

            Indeed. And the Veronica Mars example is exactly the type of project that I had in mind when I was talking about something that fans really wanted to see come to life. For less successful (and to my mind, more exploitative) attempts at crowdfunding people could google Zosia Mamet’s Kickstarter project.

          6. Clampers Outside!

            “as opposed to some winners of the BAI Sound and Vision scheme, which broadcasters are using to reduce their commitments to productions”

            I’d like a link (or clarification) to where this claim comes from, please :)

  5. King thistle

    How does the whole crowd funding thing work…do you ever get your money back or is it more of a donation?

  6. Haroo von Haroo

    Really who cares about her/him anymore. Bs clearly does. When Panti farts, bs posts about it.

  7. Cat, The Other White Meat

    I’m all for it. An excellent movie to screen at next year’s Tel Aviv Movie Festival.

  8. Cat, The Other White Meat

    I’m all for it. An excellent movie to screen at next year’s Tel Aviv Movie Festival.

  9. Cat, The Other White Meat

    Where’s Gavin Sheridan’s FOI showing how much this guy was paid by RTE over the years?

  10. GiGi

    Yaaaaaaawn! (And stretch.) I’d like at least the weekend off from this Panti guy. Does he ever just relax.

    *Goes back to bank holiday snooze
    : )

  11. PJ Hammond

    After careful consideration I have decided not to financially contribute to this film.

    I am also considering my decision to vote for same-sex marriage in the upcoming referendum and may either 1) abstain or 2) vote against it.

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