Meanwhile, At Marks & Spencer



This afternoon

A die in at Marks And Spencer, Jervis Street, Dublin branch this afternoon organised by members of the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign, including Amy Malone (above) calling on the boycott of Israeli goods.



Protestors outside Smyths Toys also on jervis Street, Dublin.

(Mark Stedman/Photocall ireland)




Pat Condell on “liberal hypocrisy” over Gaza.

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162 thoughts on “Meanwhile, At Marks & Spencer

  1. Paul

    I think what Israel is doing is wrong but these guys just alienate the general public with their militant tactics.

    1. John E. Bravo

      Oh no – if you think this is mililtant, you are NOT going to be impressed with Israel.

    2. myownself

      lying down in a store with a sign is NOT militant. When you say general public, I presume you mean yourself, because I certainly don’t feel alienated by it.

    3. Mr. T.

      No they don’t alienate the general public Paul. You’re listening to too much RTE news and watching too much Late Late Show.

      And that’s not militant. It’s called peaceful protest which is an integral part of living in a democracy.

  2. Tom

    What’s going on in Israel is terrible but this carry on does not do anything. This only draining are limited garda resources. If you want to protest go to embassy’s or government building. Sitting in middle of the road is pure stupidity. Blocking the doors of businesses will only have a negative effect on a Business which in turn could cause an Irish man or women who is trying to feed their family to potentialy loose their job

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      This ‘carry-on’ is all about economic sanctions at street level….which have a good chance of reaching national level, which have a good chance of making a difference at international level.

    2. Hosanna in the Hiace

      do you think these people care about jobs being lost?

      They make the krusty work-shy, stereotype so hard to resist.

    3. Bacchus

      or for that business to source their products elsewhere. It’s a brilliant idea and it will work very VERY quickly.

      1. Buzz

        Agree. When Jaffa fruit is let turn to sh*t, Israel will sit up and take note. Otherwise they don’t seem to give a toss.

    4. WhoAreYa

      idiotic, redundant analysis

      some people don’t care for the principle of having a job if having a job indirectly involves sponsoring genocidal maniacs.

    5. Mr. T.

      The Garda also police protests at embassies. Policing public protest is part of their remit. It’s their job. But the Government sends too many police to make the protest look threatening and to provoke protesters so that they can then say that protest is anti-democratic.

      1. JammyPox

        They have a flag (made in the USA) and iS fight against Hesbollah – although what has that got in common with Israel’s war crimes against the Palestinian people?

  3. Micko

    This type of exercise is completely pointless. You think Israel would even blink if everyone in the world stopped buying their fruit and children’s toys

    Huge amount of Israel’s exports are unbranded products like diamonds, integrated circuits and other electronics. You wouldn’t even know if you were using them.

    So maybe we should all give up our smartphones. That’ll stop em!!!

    1. Odis

      My smartphone comes from China m8. But if you’ve got one that comes from Israel feel free to boycott it.

        1. ThePeoplesHero

          And conflict minerals from Africa…. It’s way more than Palestinians that died for your phone….

        2. Odis

          R&D for my phone done in Israel you say?
          Then perhaps I should start sympathising with Israels and the ethnic cleansing, they are being forced into, by the disgusting Palestinians, instead of being so edgy.

          Thanks for putting me right Paul.

    2. Sidewinder

      Wow, you mean ceasing to use a product I’ve already paid for has an impact on the person who already has my money?

      Amazing! Maybe if I throw away my antique IBM circuit board WWII will never have happened!

      *disclaimer – boycotts may not enable you to travel in time

    3. munkifisht

      Oh right Micko, well lets not do a f**kin thing, or maybe, perhaps, if it becomes extremely unfashionable for companies to have anything to do with Israel companies like Intel will start to think twice about their dealings with them. All avalanches have small beginnings. During the time of apartheid SA, ground movements like the Dunnes strikers in the 80s had huge knock ons and spurred a regime change. It’s pathetic to do nothing but moan about how things are ineffectual real people can be.

    1. Formerly known as

      The bloke in the video says “Ït proves they fire rockets from built up areas.”

      Well, there are only built up areas in Gaza, because Israel stole the rest of their land.

      1. disgruntled

        Typical ignorance. Go take a look at Gaza on google earth, plenty of open spaces but open spaces make them easy targets and no civilians would die in the retaliation from Israel.

        1. munkifisht

          I don’t think rational people are in support of Hamas, or any terrorist organisation, but in truth, Hamas has killed a grand total of 6 people this year. In response Israel bombed schools and refugee camps killing 1123 people, most of them innocents. The response is completely unjustifiable. Lets call a spade a spade, they are both terrorist organisations.

          1. munkifisht

            Quoting myself “Lets call a spade a spade, they are both terrorist organisations.”

            I’m am not in defence of anyone except the innocent.

        2. jeremy kyle

          So, that’s a jusitification for Israel intentionally dropping missles on civilians. Gotcha.

  4. chick

    Street level boycott of south african goods across the world was a substantial factor in the fall of apartheid in SA.

    1. bisted

      …these are powerful images…they will resonate far beyond these shore and are a source of strength for the oppressed people of Gasa….we have Nelson Mandelas word on that.

      Some of the Smyth Toys lads have had a Ben Dunne moment. I wish them a very long life to regret that decision.

  5. Bacchus

    You don’t think NDTV might be a little biased at all? A little pro US conservative pro IDF at all?

    1. Hosanna in the Hiace

      so the video is biased? It’s fact not opinion.

      Those mo********ers are firing random rockets hoping to kill Israeli civilians and incur Israeli revenge on **their own** people

      If you dispute this video you are a fool

        1. Hosanna in the Hiace

          like not knowing elementary grammar (when to use “there is” and when to use “there are”)?

      1. scottser

        mr hiace
        all media is biased. facts have a half-life. you posit an opinion on all palestinian militants which is impossible to confirm or deny. i can dispute whatever i want.

      2. chick

        if you accept and don’t question or contextualise this video, you are a fool. Keep swallowing media without question Hosanna. In the age of information,your ignorance is your choice.

        1. Hosanna in the Hiace

          Contextualize? – they’re firing rockets into Israel.

          They don’t care about Israeli casualties;
          they don’t care about retaliation on their own citizens

          Is that enough context?

          1. Bacchus

            No. That’s incredibly simplistic and even biased… but hey, you have a job to do… you’re just not very convincing.

      3. Formerly known as

        I reckon you are more likely to be killed crossing the road in Israel.

        I would prefer to have those rockets fired against me, than to be seeking refuge in a UN building in Gaza. Those Israeli weapons are far more accurate and deadly.

      4. Shanti

        Repaying violence with violence just leads to more violence.

        You can say “Hamas fired rockets – they invited revenge!” The other side can say “Israel mounted an offence on Hamas for kidnapping teens when they didn’t – they asked for retaliation”

        You could go round in circles forever on that one..

      5. jeremy kyle

        And Israel are making a choice to fire missles on civilians. Innocent people’s lives matter as little to them as they do to Hamas so please don’t try to make it out that this all down to terrorists using human shields and Israel have no choice.

    2. shitferbrains

      I don’t think you can classify India as being in the American camp. They spent fifty odd years in the Non-Aligned – i.e. pro-Soviet – Movement.

  6. Pablo Pistachio

    The smell of hasbara in here is stinking the place out.

    Well done to all involved on their peaceful protest against the genocide and war crimes of Israel.

    Boycott Israel.

  7. PJ Hammond

    It would be funny if the people lying down were actually dead.

    That Amy Malone looks well.

  8. Buzz

    When is the next protest outside the Israeli embassy? There should be one at the American embassy as well.

  9. Mr. T.

    Ah yeah, the predictable division of middle ground Irish society who read the Indo and think it’s the truth.

    People in low skill middle management jobs with houses and cars all on credit, calling others who protest crusties and layabouts.

    Makes me laugh every time.

    1. PJ Hammond

      Says the man who
      1) excuses sexism and homophobia from travellers by calling it “cultural relativism”.
      2) defends anti-social behaviour from inner city youths by blaming it on “their upbringing”.

      Some rebel you are Mr T.

  10. JEROME

    i know its terrible what is going on in Gaza its always the innocent people who get killed.
    what about the people in palestine cheering when the twin towers in new york came down did
    anyone condemn that,

    1. Sidewinder

      i dont know
      did it happen
      what about people in israel watching bombs and cheering did u condemn that

    2. ReproBertie

      More simplistic whataboutery. Yes people condemned the twin towers video. Then it turned out the video was fake.

      That was 13 years ago. How is it relevant to protests against the current Israeli slaughter of refugees in Gaza?

      1. Shanti

        Hey – what about the counter demonstration to the peace one in Israel there recently, lots of Israeli youths merrily chanting about the deaths of Palestinian children?

        There are disgraceful acts coming from both sides – as well as an overwhelming amount of ordinary people who would really prefer to put an end to all of this (without the bloodshed).

  11. martco

    in my view you just can’t choose to separate the sale of goods or provision of services from plain straight wrongdoing

    I did a quick poll in my workplace today – everyone in my office bar none buys toys throughout the year from Smyths, for kids birthday parties, Christmas, you name it…..the sums spent over the last year ranged from €200 – €2000…that’s a lot of money…and it kinda figures therefore that Smyths annual turnover in 2013 is estimated at €250 MILLION

    Smyths, you’re talking meelymouthed crap out of your arse and you know it. When you replied to my email today you wrote “Smyths Toys sells products for children in 30 stores across Ireland and imports from countries across the world. We do not engage in national or international political affairs” you would seem to imply that you somehow are above ethical behaviour by choosing to ignore the situation and carry on regardless. Fact is whether you like it or not you already are engaging in national and international political affairs. You should be at least interested in listening to your customers….companies that don’t listen to their customers tend not to last very long. Game Over so to speak.

    1. Baz

      Smyths have my custom and will continue to have, I’ll be glad that hate rampers like you will no longer be in the aisles

      1. Shanti

        Where’s the hatred?
        Some people are outraged at the callous disregard for international laws. Such as:
        Sticking within your own borders.
        Refraining from collective punishment.
        Not using white phosphorous in civilian areas.
        Not targeting designated safe zones (especially those that have been confirmed repeatedly)

        That’s the tip of the iceberg. There’s also the refusal to permit IAEA inspections.. Iran do – yet they’re the ones regarded with suspicion.
        The chemical weapons – Assad is decommissioning his – what about Israel?

        Funny how the one nation in the region that actually has WMDs is above the restrictions that come with them.. If they were an Islamic state the US would have been in there years ago. That’s one heck of a double standard (especially as the US are the only ones to use nukes, and Israel have a history of chemical weapon use).

      2. martco

        who wrote hate? (ah yes, that’d be you….need to try harder Baz really)
        I don’t hate. I simply have control when it comes to spending my hard earned cash and if I can exercise influence over something I think is wrong by not spending it I will do so.

  12. interrobang

    Hassling the old ladies who work in M&S and putting stickers on mangoes is really going to save the lives of some children. Well done to all involved.
    At ~ $50k per Iron Dome missile, they’re really gonna feel that 22 cents.
    Nothing you do will make a difference.
    Only 3.5% of Israeli exports are agricultural. The only thing these demonstrations achieve is making the people who participate feel better about themselves. It’s an attempt to allay their impotent rage with the illusion that their voice will be heard,and that they’re not sitting idly by while things beyond our control play out.
    Register your dissatisfaction/outrage by emailing your MP instead – that’s bound to get a result – and let me buy my rocket and langoustine sandwich in peace please.
    (no pun intended)

    1. WhoAreYa


      Are you a complete and utter fupping braindead?

      We don’t have ‘MP’s here you simpleton.

      1. interrobang

        Ireland doesn’t have a parliament, of which there are members?
        Yes, I must be “a complete and utter fupping braindead”.
        There’s a lot of that going around.
        Email your Teach Tabhairne then.
        And congratulations of focusing on the important issues. You are quite obviously my intellectual superior, and as such, your well thought out opinion deserves more credence than mine.

        1. ReproBertie

          Teach Tabhairne? Sure thing. I’ll get straight on to my local pub about it.

          What you’re looking for is Teachta Dála or TD for short.

          1. Boycott Israel

            I sincerely hope you’re not depending on your comedy skills to pay your mortgage.

    2. ReproBertie

      Nothing you do will make a difference? What a load of defeatist garbage. Every little helps, right?

      Email my MP? Check your geography there mate.

      1. interrobang

        I would say realistic, rather than defeatist.
        A thousand nothings is still nothing.
        And a thousand ‘boycott Israel’ protests is still nothing, but with a lot of inconvenienced Dublin people.
        Like the protest at the Dead Sea stall in Jervis. The people working at that stall, (I believe some of them were Israeli) have as much say in their governments decisions in Gaza as we do about the installation of water meters here.
        It didn’t achieve anything, so why did people do it?

        1. ReproBertie

          How do you know it didn’t achieve anything? No, it didn’t stop the slaughter in Gaza but it may have made a few more people think about the situation. It may have made people email their TD’s. It may have made people write to the Israeli embassy. It may have given people the impetus to come out and protest at the protest above or at the Israeli embassy. Any and all of those outcomes add to the public pressure on Israel to stop and on our local TDs to see that the public mood is against the ongoing slaughter so they should get in step with it.

          If everybody believed as you do then women would not have the vote, slavery would still be ongoing, Ireland would be part of the United Kingdom along with America and France would still have a king.

        2. Boycott Israel

          I take it that the irony of an Israeli shill attempting to lecture people regarding the practice of boycott on an Irish website escapes you?

    3. Pablo Pistachio

      MP? Haha you Israeli shills are all over the place. At least get the country that you’re attempting to talk down to correct. No shekels for you!

      1. interrobang

        Yeah, so because I’m not proclaiming the people protesting in M&S food section as heroes, I’m automatically on Israels payroll?
        Is that your go-to response for people who’s opinions differ from yours?
        Fupping d1ckhead.

        1. Lilly

          The MP slip up was a bit of a give away. What sort of training are they giving you at all…

          1. interrobang

            So I’ve been hanging around for years waiting for this very occasion?
            Like some sort of highly ineffective sleeper-agent?
            Who was activated on a rainy Tuesday evening while he waits for Utopia to come on, to try and somehow influence the mind-made-up-forever people on broadsheet who similarly have nothing better to do on a Tuesday evening, because *those* are the people who’s opinions really matter?
            I don’t think so love.
            Who’d be arsed?
            You guys see shills everywhere, but I think you’re paying yourselves quite a complement thinking anyone’d be bothered. I’m sure the Israeli embassy staff have better things to be doing, don’t you? Very few people’s minds are changed by reading comments on message boards. Why would they waste the man hours? So you just call people who disagree with you shills in an attempt to undermine their opinion.
            And I don’t have to prove anything to a low-brow prole like yourself.
            So screw you guys, I’m going back to Tel Aviv x

          2. Mick Flavin

            In fairness to Interrobang, I’m sure I’ve seen him comment on lots of varied stuff here…unless he’s a REALLY dedicated shill/astroturfer, in which case he should be commended. It’s lovely to see someone who takes pride in his work.

          3. Boycott Israel

            You label the poster disagreeing with you a “fupping dickhead”, and they are a “low-brow prole”?

          4. Lilly

            You think by calling me ‘love’ you can patronise me? If you learnt to spell compliment, I might take you more seriously.

          5. Buzz

            ” It’s lovely to see someone who takes pride in his work.”

            Ah but the devil is in the detail. Referring to MPs in Ireland when you’re trying to pass yourself off as an innocent bystander is not too smart.

        2. scottser

          doesn’t take ye shills long to degenerate into adolescent name calling does it? you started off well interrobang, i’ll give you that but now you just sound like your mate HF.

    4. Lilly

      M&S supports Israel to the tune of €200 million per year so it’s not just 22 cents as you well know. Hit the Israelis where it hurts!

      1. Shanti

        Yeah, boycotts don’t do anything.. I’m sure you probably would have said that to those who refused to handle South African goods because of Apartheid too..
        Except that did have an effect, didn’t it?

        Also – it’s not just Irish people calling for a boycott, in case you hadn’t noticed. There’s boycott movements worldwide, it all adds up..

  13. Dee

    Hamas bad. Israel bad. Both are resorting to warfare that kills their own, collaterally and otherwise. It’s a lot more complex than that of course and we all know that.

    But what people are angry about is that it isn’t a fair fight. There are international warfare rules in place for a reason. It doesn’t matter at this exact point in time who is right, who was there longest, whose land was stolen who is in illegal occupied territory or not. What matters is that people are dying who don’t deserve it. Both sides are committing war crimes: Hamas by firing from built up civilian areas, Israel by bombing civilian shelters. But one side is better at it, has more money, more international support and has lost far fewer civilians. Israel is in a good position with tons of international political support and money, to be better than this. Where’s their military discretion? Even in the face of (ceaseless but largely ineffectual) rocket fire from Hamas? Why so hot headed? Israel can’t be allowed to play the same ‘wipe them out before they exterminate us’ card for generations in a world where there have been so many ‘holocausts’ since WW2.
    In SA, the government also used a terrorist opponent as a reason to kill and punish indiscriminately. Sanctions and trade embargoes worked pretty well. So good luck to anyone staying off the mangoes and the oranges for a bit. It means something when our own government is a lame duck, and would rather align itself with an EU that abhors us and a USA who thinks we are invisible no matter how many tourists wax lyrical over a Guinness here.

    1. Shanti

      Well said.
      The bickering about who’s right and who’s wrong is pointless – it’s a sorry circle because both sides are wrong, and both sides are right – just about totally different things.

      Both sides are entitled to defend themselves. Both sides need to cop on and stop behaving in such an appalling manner.

      Israel need to get back within their own borders, keep their noses out of Palestine and an international peacekeeping force needs take over the border rather than the IDF.

      Then Hamas need to surrender their weapons. And Israel need to be held to account if they make any further incursions (and I mean held to account, none of this US vetoing stuff nonsense).

      Then – talks need to begin. Both sides are so entrenched that they are failing to see the other sides humanity, both sides need to start realising that their opponents are people, and deserve to have their human rights respected.

  14. PTr

    Never heard of this Pat Condell. Looked him up . . . apparently he’s some sort of clown. That would explain a lot.

    1. Boycott Israel

      I wouldn’t call him a clown, although I vehemently disagree with him on many topics. He specialises in the monologue – I’d like to see him in a head to head debate just to see what he’s really made of. I’m certain that he would disappoint.

      1. WhoAreYa

        He is a mouthpiece for intolerance and a poster boy for vileness.

        His rants only serve to show how low humanity can let itself sink.

    2. rotide

      Annoyingly he’s right about a few things.

      If it wasn’t for the outright racism he might have a few points.

        1. rotide

          The six day war and the resulting annexations.

          Years of shelling/rocket attacks/suicide bombing on israeli civilian targets.

          The arab worlds treatment of palestinians.

          to name a few.

          I await my labelling of hasbera with baited breath.

  15. Baz

    Check visa and work status of all involved, safe bet most are dependent on the taxpayer in one form or other.

    I’m off to Smyths and M&S to spend some €

    1. Boycott Israel

      Does being “dependent on the taxpayer in one form or other” negate one’s viewpoint? Does it matter if the party “dependent” is a Garda, a politician, a librarian, or a Social Welfare inspector?

      1. Shanti

        Ah, the old ad hominem.. Would their employment status change anything about the matter they are protesting?

        No. It wouldn’t. It would just allow you to feel self righteous and smug because presumably you have a job. Well good for you, but your negative assumptions about people you don’t know just make you look bad.

  16. shitferbrains

    Maybe Teva Pharma will retaliate and pull out of Waterford and leave 6 or 7 hundred people signing on. Never mind every pair of M & S underpants buys an IDF bullet.

    1. ReproBertie

      So we should shut up in case we insult Israel and lose some jobs?

      You’re just proving the point begin economi protests. If Teva Pharma can ransom our silence with jobs then we can express our displeasure at Israel’s slaughter of refugees with our purchases.

      1. Tom

        You clearly don’t have kids to feed! You wouldn’t say that if you worked in the company. It seems you are happy to replace one persons life with misery with another.

        1. Boycott Israel

          Broadsheet staff have deleted my response to Tom. In my reply, I linked to a picture of dead Palestinian children, killed in Gaza in the last few days, children who won’t be needing any food from now on. It seems we can talk about it, but the reality of seeing the results of this slaughter is a step too far.

    2. Boycott Israel

      If you believe that the threat of “Teva Pharma “…”pull out of Waterford and leave 6 or 7 hundred people signing on” then no better evidence that boycotting is effective.

      1. B Hewson

        Ridiculous – supposing if it is true teva employee that many people in Waterford. You would welcome Waterford working class people lose their jobs and cannot support their families. Sounds a bit like a an economic human shield scenario.
        Their family’s loss for gain in your beliefs. Stop eating mangoes if you like, but happy to see ‘martyrs’ from working Irish people makes your opinions a bit to oppressive for me.

        1. Boycott Israel

          It’s difficult to debate the finer nuances with someone who doesn’t have an adequate grasp of the language. Shall we switch to Hebrew? Would that make you more comfortable?

          1. B Hewson

            That’s it, I must be a paid blogger because I don’t agree with your points made in your truly masterful style of prose. So, you haven’t confirmed if you will be celebrating victory when the teva plant shuts and these working class people in Waterford lose their jobs? Maybe over a few cold ones in your tunnel with the lads?

        2. scottser

          if teva pharma got a tax break somewhere else, they’d be on it like a fat kid on smarties. they would have no qualms about letting 6 or 700 people go to save a few quid. the politics of affiliation really has nothing to do with it.

  17. Formerly known as

    The egit in the video says “Ïsrael is a democracy with equal rights for everyone.”

    Wrong- Arab-Israelis are identified as such on their ID cards. That is hardly equal. Apartheid is the traditional name.

    1. Shanti

      Perhaps he should watch Haim Yavins documentary / travelogue “Beyond the TV news: Arabs in Israel”..
      For a bit of background – Chaim Yavin was known in Israel as “Mr Television” and dubbed Israels Walter Kronkite by the US. He was the anchor on Mabat for 40 years and helped set up the TV station.

      Its not just the Palestinians forced off their land, in that documentary it shows Israeli policy makers complaining that the Bedouins are taking up too much space and how they were to be moved off their farms and into built up areas with no land to farm and little employment prospects.
      He speaks to Israelis, Palestinians, Arab Israelis, Bedouin – and not all of them cover theirselves with glory..

      Apparently he has another series called “The Land of the Settlers” but I haven’t seen this one myself, so I cannot comment on it.

  18. PTr

    And this Condell person was born in Ireland! Aren’t we lucky he left and joined the Anglo-American Zionists. Wonder do they want Ms Dudley Edwards and similar?

  19. Corvo

    Pat Condell? Really Broadsheet? You’re better than that. That racist, Islamaphobic idiot already gets more views and attention than he deserves.

      1. Corvo

        I know they didn’t put the link there because they agree with him, but views equal ad revenue. There’s no reason this guy should be making any more money from spreading hate.

  20. Benny

    Isis and Hamas are not states signed up to the Geneva convention. Israel is and should act accordingly.

    1. Soupy Norman

      Would you have concurred with Britain if it bombed all of West Belfast in response to IRA attacks?

      1. Benny

        Of course not for the exact reason I have stated above Soupy. If Britain did do that, would the west have turned a blind eye?

  21. Tom

    If you want to make a protest heard to Israel diplomat why don’t you protest outside the house where the Israel diplomat lives with his family!

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