We Got Lucky


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Former Communications Minister Pat Rabbitte

Mr Rabbitte said in his view the country was lucky to get the experienced Cabinet it did in 2011, given the crisis facing the country. He also hit out at critics of the Labour Party who accused it of failing to put manners on Fine Gael. “People who would never vote for the Labour Party get very indignant about Labour not keeping its coalition partner on the straight and narrow,” he said. 

Kenny is ‘no Bambi’ says Rabbitte as he slams Fine Gael (Irish Independent)

H/T: Oireachtas Retort

14 thoughts on “We Got Lucky

  1. Mr. Magoo

    cabinet agreed to pay off the 30bn IBRC promissory notes as govt debt by 2038 and then the labour party had the gall to run with election posters saying “30 billion less bank debt”? deluded.

  2. scottser

    “People who would never vote for the Labour Party get very indignant about Labour not keeping its coalition partner on the straight and narrow”

    it’s like you’re not even trying anymore rabbitte. sure, enjoy the pension.

    1. Medium Sized C

      It is completely feckin stupid to blame the junior party for the actions of the senior.

      The party which got the most votes and most representatives calls the shots.
      That is what representative democracy is.

      The minority doesn’t just walk out when things aren’t easy.
      That would be weak and anti-democratic.

      Once again, people zero in on Pat Rabbite telling the truth and kill him for it.

      1. scottser

        what about the people who voted for labour in the last election, C? rebbitte seems content to disregard their outrage at broken election promises. what about the exodus of serving members of the party who left? no, rabbitte is happy to deflect the issue of his own party’s lies elsewhere but that’s politics i guess.

      2. PaddyM

        Labour got their largest ever number of votes and largest ever number of seats, and proceeded to behave as FG’s toilet roll on almost every issue. Even the PDs or the Greens put down the foot more often when in government.

        Voted Labour in every election but one up to and including 2011. Never again.

  3. Clampers Outside!

    Yes Pat, the same self congratulatory nonsense from all the failed politicians on the way out.

    The arrogance of the pup to think we were “lucky” to have him…. Jaysus, no wonder Labour is going down the tubes.

  4. Mr. T.

    Career politician who dumped principles whenever required, in order to take another step up the political and pension ladder.

  5. Otis Blue

    You’d think that Rabbitte wasn’t actually a member of the Cabinet.

    Bit late for the rant now.

  6. Drogg

    Pat was a weak communications minister bullied by the likes of the communications clinic and has been a major part of ruining labour but go ahead and pat yerself on the back there.

  7. Diddy

    Rabitte is right.. People vote for a gov where the majority party is right wing then complain when junior left wing party can’t veto their policies.. Ludicrous

    1. John

      “junior left wing party can’t veto their policies.” What a weak and stupid argument. They had the ultimate veto. They could have left at any time. They choose not too. Fine Gael received 36.1% of first preference votes in that election but due to Labour’s spinelessness, they dictated 100% of policy. And now Rabbitte has the balls to say we were lucky to have him. Why? What exactly did Labour achieve?

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