A Hard Bargain


amran Hossain female garment workers face violent repurcussions

A garment worker in Badda, Bangladesh last Friday

Kate, of Clean Clothes Campaign Ireland,  writes:

“I am working in a fairly focused area of labour rights which looks into the garment industry specifically. While I research and write reports on the terrible repercussions of this sector for those involved in making our clothes this morning I was confronted with this image (above) from the streets of Badda in Bangladesh – we all know things are bad for workers over there but there is something still – (even for me who’s seen some terrible stuff) – really shocking about seeing a women being beaten by 4 men with sticks in broad daylight with bystanders watching – all as a result for demanding her wages due.
Yes, I am a campaigner but in this case there is no campaign, there so little I can do to help these women and their colleagues. My only tool is to make as many people as possible aware of the reality for people making our clothes – I hope you might be willing to let your readers see the true cost of cheap fashion and perhaps something like this will make everyone think a little bit longer before buying into the bargain.”

Clean Clothes Campaign Ireland

Pay by Sunday or face legal action (Daily Star India)

Pic Amran Hossein

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19 thoughts on “A Hard Bargain

    1. Dan

      Nonsense. If you think that what is happening to that poor woman is as simple as that I feel sorry for you. Not only is that statement completely facile, it is so facile as to perpetuate the problem rather than help or give an insight.

    2. Am i still On this Island

      No that’s lowlife bullying and intimidation, something that could happen on any economic system if socio cultural factors allow it

  1. Lazlo Panaflex

    nothing to me is funnier than buying stuffed dog toys knowing that they are made by poorly treated children who never earn enough to afford toys, lol capitalism is right

  2. postmanpat

    This stuff seems to happen all he time in countries lacking decent education. usually family life is dictated by the matriarch where the mothers of these men were treated like sh!t by men then take that frustration out on their sons because they took abuse from men and on some level hate them , then these men take their hatred of women out on women at any opportunity. (see above) of course they Still “love” there mommy’s in a hate women kind of way, and so on and so on ….lack of reproductive right. forced to pop out children till a “son” is born , more poverty , resentment. fly’s .rats this f**king heat !!!! sh!t job, noise .smog husband climbs on you again .screaming kids . “SHAATTT UPPPPP!!!” “congratulations its a girl”. “F**K!!!” here we go again. no food. the auld lad in the background probably has a boner looking on!! what a dump. ehh what can you do?

  3. DD

    Well done Kate and Clean Clothes Ireland for doing what you can. Really up to us as consumers to do something about it – know what you’re buying. And well done Broadsheet for posting.

  4. Buzz

    Would it be possible to find out who this woman was working for, and who they supply? Whenever I hear people banging on about how spiritual India is, I can only roll my eyes.

      1. Buzz

        So it is but incidents such as this happen regularly in India as well. Anyway you get my point, Westerners with their romantic ideas of how spiritual people in India are, whereas the reality is harsh especially for women.

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