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A new quarterly magazine about Dublin, called We Are Dublin, was launched by Conor Purcell in The Library Project in Temple Bar last night.

Mag Culture writes:

While still based in Dubai, Conor Purcell published several issues of his travel magazine We Are Here; two about Dubai and one about Kathmandu. The issues were put together using an iPhone for photography and laid out on a laptop – he really was there. They were a fascinating paradox of high-quality content and lo-fi presentation.

Conor has now moved to Dublin, where he has just launched the first of a new quarterly, We Are Dublin. It follows the same template as We Are Here but, aside from the blue-sky cover, presents a very different world. The new magazine is less about travel and more about living in a place, but it sets itself clear boundaries from the start, promising PR-generated stories. History, sociology, memoir, theatre and retail all figure. It’ll be interesting to see how it develops as Conor gets to know his new home.”

The magazine is available from The Irish Design Shop,  on Drury Street; Designist, on South Great George’s Street; Indigo & Cloth, in Temple Bar; The Winding Stair, on Lower Ormond Quay; and the Gallery of Photography in Meeting House Square, Temple Bar. It will also be available from Love Supreme coffee bar in Stoneybatter soon.

Out now: We Are Dublin (Mag Culture)

We Are Here magazine

Pics: Bernard Shaw and Le Cool Dublin


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16 thoughts on “Here We Are Now

    1. Jeff

      All the non hipsters are out buying the non-existent stuff you have never made, eh Triona? You massive, cellulite-based minge.

  1. rmc

    “The issues were put together using an iPhone for photography and laid out on a laptop”

    The fact that they think this is important speaks volumes about the intellectual prowess of the people behind this thing.

    “This magazine was put together using a camera and a laptop. So authentic!!!”

    1. James M. Chimney

      My magazine’s put together on a Smith Corona portable. The photo’s are taken on a speed graphic and I deliver it on a Lilac Harry Quinn.

  2. Nilbert

    Is he a self-faciliatating media node? That is WELL JACKSON!
    “They were a fascinating paradox of high-quality content and lo-fi presentation” is more than I need to know.

    How this self-regarding, self-obsessing curating of a ‘lifestyle’ is still being peddled as entertainment is beyond me.
    It’s Writing for people who like looking at pictures.

  3. Jessica Carroll

    I haven’t read this but what I can tell from the complete utter hipster w*** k of the promotion spiel is that it will be a hipster lads wet dream. “oh, i’m into smart design and over priced coffee”.

    Other honorable mentions for hipster w*****y go the the Thread broadsheet/freesheet & and The Hairy Pussy freesheet (I kid you not, it exists in Dublin).

    1. Jeff

      I heard about you ‘Jessica’, I heard you were doing real well in your job and you got a promotion. No? Oh, you didn’t get a promotion? You are unemployed and spend your days writing ‘comments’? Oh.

  4. Jeff

    I read this magazine and despite the long-form shizzle (good piece by Rob Doyle) this is a disgrace. Also hipsters should be sent to an oven.

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