‘Who Was Really Clean?’


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Double European 400m champion David Gillick, who’s now retired

Writing for RTÉ, “the white ox” David Gillick casts a question over some of his past rival competitors.

It hit me as I returned home after winning my second European title. I relocated to the UK that year and worked my backside off.

To have someone come up to my face and ask me, “In all seriousness David, what are you taking? Like…come on, all you athletes are taking stuff,” really told me the damage the cheats have done to our sport.

As a retired athlete I now wonder ‘Who was really clean? Did he really beat me fairly or was he on the juice?’

I don’t want to be a cynic, but I do have questions; however at the same time I know there are clean athletes competing out there, and they should be protected, admired and enjoyed, as should our great sport.


RTÉ: An athlete’s view on the world of doping

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13 thoughts on “‘Who Was Really Clean?’

  1. Exile

    He’s suffering from that well known EPO side effect whereby the athlete tends to repeat entire paragraphs.

    1. Nicholas Roche

      Or Nicholas Roche.
      Clean athletes in sports with a bad rep are occasionally noisy about it.
      Specially when they are as accessible as Gillick.

      This isn’t juicy.
      Its barely worth a mention.

  2. Jon

    I always wonder what is the definition of “clean”.
    When players are injured they are not drug tested. During this period are banned substance used to rehabilitate the player/athlete?

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