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Last night.

Tallaght Athletic Club.

Double gold medal winner at the European Youth Olympic Festival Rhasidat Adeleke received a hero’s welcome to her club with a rousing tribute from Tallaght A.C. coach Burgess Meredith Johnny Fox.

16-year-old Irish sprint sensation Rhasidat Adeleke aiming for Tokyo Olympics (irish Mirror)


Rhashidat and her mother chat with Echo Newspapers sports editor Steve Leonard.

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Double European 400m champion David Gillick, who’s now retired

Writing for RTÉ, “the white ox” David Gillick casts a question over some of his past rival competitors.

It hit me as I returned home after winning my second European title. I relocated to the UK that year and worked my backside off.

To have someone come up to my face and ask me, “In all seriousness David, what are you taking? Like…come on, all you athletes are taking stuff,” really told me the damage the cheats have done to our sport.

As a retired athlete I now wonder ‘Who was really clean? Did he really beat me fairly or was he on the juice?’

I don’t want to be a cynic, but I do have questions; however at the same time I know there are clean athletes competing out there, and they should be protected, admired and enjoyed, as should our great sport.


RTÉ: An athlete’s view on the world of doping

Previously: Three Cheers

IT WAS once a world record arena and witnessed some of the great performances during the golden era of Irish athletics but the UCD running track at Belfield has run its last race.

The track is now closed over “health and safety concerns” and after several years of neglect is effectively beyond repair: diggers have already moved on to the track to explore alternative uses, and it looks set to end up as a car park or the site of student accommodation, like many other former sporting sites at the Belfield end of the campus, including the old Belfield Bowl.

Back in ’95, Bodger threw up on the grass verge there doing the Macarena after five cans of Special Brew. Good times.

What cherished memories of the old place do you have?

Iconic Belfield track has run its course (Irish Times)

(Photo: Bryan O’Brian)