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Glen Hansard joined the LA cast of Once: The Musical last Friday night for a bit of an oul’ jingle-jangle.

A more than daycent cover, in fairness.

‘Once’ Film Star Glen Hansard Crashes Theater Performance to Lead Singalong (The Wrap)

(H/T: EJ)

27 thoughts on “Behan There

  1. WhoAreYa

    Ah shure this is mostly petty jealousy

    I am not a fan myself but respect his achievement as it has been done the hard way on the long road

  2. Splendido

    A Los Angeles 2014 version of that Eyebrowy cartoon when Glen Hansard shows up at everyone’s gig at Whelans.

    (There’s wil’ snark in Tuam, hey. Get that wasp off me sandwich)

  3. Paolo

    Glen Hansard is a good guy. I love The Frames and I like nearly everything else he has done. He’s done loads of local charity work.

    People seem to resent that he hung around the Irish music scene. Some people seem to think that he was trying to be the father of the Irish singer songwriter scene. Now that he’s not seen around so much some people are saying he’s milking his 15 minutes blah blah blah.

    The fact is that they’re just sour feckers.

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