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        1. Medium Sized C

          Having watched a bit of it since all the noise started in the media, I’d be inclined to disagree with you.

  1. Hosannah in the Hiace

    there are more women at the men’s All Ireland hurling final than at the camogie final. go figure…

    1. rotide

      Obviously this is because of rampant sexism and misogyny in ireland today.

      probably something to do with the sindo and harbo too.

      1. ABM

        This calls for the Trinity College department of equality studies to initiate a multi/inter/intra-disciplinary, cross-border, pan-European, state-funded study. Hopefully we can get a new quango going too.

  2. Hosannah in the Hiace

    Katie Taylor’s achievements were in an ultra minority sport [women’s boxing] and therefore a bit flaky.l as very few people try their hand at the sport. she got a lot more publicity that the Irish men’s rowing team when they win the world’s in a marginally less obscure sport

    1. Sidewinder

      Because rowing has dozens of training facilities in dozens of counties on every river in Ireland whereas Katie Taylor had to train in a shack?

      People always harp on about how womens achievements are lesser because they’re smaller. They ignore the factors that accompany that size – lack of funding, lack of training facilities, lack of public support and more. To win an olympic gold medal despite these obstacles is more impressive, not less so.

      1. Hosannah in the Hiace

        actually there are far more boxing gyms in the country. Katie T chose to remain at that gym.

        rowing is a highly demanding sport, up there with cycling and cross country skiing for effort.

    2. les rock

      you should take yer rod and go fishing somewhere else. The quality of good trolling is sadly lacking these days

      1. Hosannah in the Hiace


        I know a couple of rowers personally. I couldn’t name a single female boxer other than KT

  3. rotide

    That is a brilliant article. I’m not sure how he inferred what he did from it but he has the wrong end of the stick.

    Moynes poems aren’t usually this snide but this is worthy of fupping vice magazine.

    1. Fake lady Helen

      What is this? Some kind of lady-hatin’ circle jerk by Hiace and rotide? Pair of dirty looking ponces! Ye should’ve ashamed of yer selves! Cop on

        1. All the good ones fly south for winter

          And make what you can of it while you’re young Domestos, excuse, something, in eye.

          1. Domestos

            That one flew when I was about 23 years old. And was replaced by a sexier, crazier version. Cue more tears.

  4. isintheair

    Win three group games at the Women’s Rugby World Cup and you’re into the semi-finals. England and Canada won two games to make the semi-finals, amazing. It’s not a real World Cup. The Men’s Rugby World Cup is just as laughable, finish in the top two in a group and you’re into the quarter-finals. Rugby people like to pretend that this is a world thing and a great tournament. Rugby is only popular in a handful of countries and it’s not the most popular sport in most of these countries. Rugby is also a very poor standard outside of the top five or six teams. And there’s other problems like it being an elitist sport in Dublin for example.

      1. WhoAreYa

        No it isn’t

        It’s popular with a bunch of eejits drinking in pubs.

        Hardly anyone plays it – relative to the amount of coverage it gets and numbers participating in other sports.

        1. rotide

          You are trying to tell us with a straight face that ‘rugby isnt popular’?


          People who don’t like sport should keep out of threads like this.

    1. Clampers Outside!

      Yes, you are sooooo right, because all ‘world cup’ tournaments should explode onto the world stage with every country from the biggest to the smallest partaking in it.

      1. isintheair

        Clampers, a World Cup has teams of a good standard from all over the world. The 2014 FIFA World Cup was a good example of this. There was good teams from Europe, South America, the African teams were a decent quality, the Asian teams were a decent quality, and the top CONCACAF teams played well. The overall standard was good, there wasn’t many really awful teams at the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

        There was only 1 team from Asian at the Women’s Rugby World Cup, the mighty Kazakhstan who New Zealand beat 79-5. There was only 1 team from Africa – South Africa. It’s a joke, winning two games can be good enough to be in the World Cup semi-finals. I can’t take it too seriously.

        Mikeyfex, I’m a rugby fan and sports fan in general but I also have to tell some truths and realities at times. I hope the Ireland team beat England and then win the final. France look like the best team left, my money would be on them to win it. Ireland look the second best, England the third.

        1. Clampers Outside!

          “a World Cup has teams of a good standard from all over the world” – No, a growing sport will have its world cup with the countries that have taken up the sport to date. Standards will improve as the game matures and with more countries joining.

          You seem to ignore all that.

          Maybe you should snap your fingers and they’ll all be magically up to the standard you are looking for.

        2. rotide

          “Clampers, a World Cup has teams of a good standard from all over the world. The 2014 FIFA World Cup was a good example of this.”

          Can you give us another example that ISNT a football world cup?

    2. rotide

      I always find posts like this amusing.

      There is really only one World Cup that Isintheair means with this and obviously the RWC isnt up there with the football one. However, the basketball worlds are probably more ‘global’ than the RWC yet the rugby one gets more viewers. go figure.

      1. Medium Sized C

        These people usually ignore the fact that the outlier in all this is Soccer.
        Rugby is pretty typical in terms of international sports.

        Most world championships of any team sport are only really competed at by a handful of states.
        There really are very few sports that really have “world” championships which aren’t dominated by a handful of countries.

  5. Clampers Outside!

    This is spot on! :)
    “From time to time a media student or a lobby group will go through the day’s newspapers and hold up, as proof of bias, the fact that only, say, 13 per cent of the articles that day pertained to women’s sport. You always feel like ringing them up and asking what they think we missed. Or what we should have dropped.”

  6. Medium Sized C

    I like Malachy Clerkin, which is why its hard to do this.

    Its not sensée.
    Its not feckin french, its Japanese.

  7. Conor

    The most striking thing about this limerick is that it’s very obvious that John Moynes didn’t read Clerkin’s article.

  8. isintheair

    The only real World Cup is the FIFA World Cup. The Rugby World Cup and the Cricket World Cup are not really World Cups. I know Rugby is different and I’m not trying to compare it to football. I would never be that silly, it’s two different worlds, how they operate. And blah. Tennis and golf are sports with so many great players. Sport is all about who you beat in ways and the difficulty in this world, I know there’s also more Oprah reasons. When Rory McIlroy wins two majors in a row this is outstanding because golf is so strong. When Wladimir Klitschko wins nobody will take him too seriously because the heavyweight division is full of bums.

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