Lead, Fallow, Or Get Out Of The Way



Fallow Deer and twin tykes Setanta and Fiachra McDonald today in Phoenix Park, Dublin.

Mark writes:

“A herd of Fallow Deer has lived in the Park since the 1660s when they were introduced by the Duke of Ormond….”

Damn Brits.

(Mark Stedman/Photocall Ireland)

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22 thoughts on “Lead, Fallow, Or Get Out Of The Way

  1. Brian S

    Setanta and fiachra? Just out of shot ag cur baisti

    There should be a law against stupid names

    1. Booze filth shocker

      Indeed. And against different clothes. And different languages too – stupid. And books; What do we need them for? Let’s just burn them…. HITLER!!!!

    1. Mister Mister

      Absolutely. They need to be put against a wall and receive numerous swift kicks to the balls to prevent themselves procreating.

      If they think it’s funny to slag kids on the internet, they shouldn’t be allowed have kids of their own. Arseholes.

  2. Formerly known as @ireland.com

    The Poolbeg chimneys……..our industrial heritage..time to knock them down.

  3. Joe Malone

    The parents of those kids should be put away for child abuse. I bet they just wanted to be a little different alright but at the cost of a lifetime of bullying for their kids. I would love to meet the parents and give them a bit of a bullying – see if they think their smugness is worth the justified abuse

    1. Hosannah in the Hiace

      those names are pale compared to many of the technicolour named in today’s schools.

      we’re older.

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