You might recall this alluring. compact bedsit/corridor (above) we featured recently.

Kiora writes:

“I just called Hermann and White, the auctioneers in relation to that bedsit. They say it has been registered with the Health board and falls under regulation… is that possible?”


Lower Rathmines Road (Daft)

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36 thoughts on “All Mod Con

  1. Marianna

    That looks like a normal student bedsit we’d have in France. A bit narrower maybe, but I don’t find it shocking. The price, however, is ridiculously high.

  2. dizzy

    What is a health board supposed to be anyway? I’m sure they’re gone, now the HSE. Unless they’re referring to back in the 80s when health boards still existed and this apartment would have passed “the regulations”. Afaik the city council in dublin is now responsible for ensuring rentals meet the required spec under some recent housing act

  3. fmong

    I’m no estate agent, but I think the deal is, and this was explained to me by a landlord, that if you have a toilet off your kitchen you need two doors between them…

    “but what if your kitchen, bedroom and sitting room are all the same room?”


  4. Jess02

    The standards are here – http://www.citizensinformation.ie/en/housing/renting_a_home/repairs_maintenance_and_minimum_physical_standards.html

    Aside from the stuff about structural soundness, there’s:
    1) A sink with hot and cold water – seems to have this
    2) A separate room, for the exclusive use of each rented unit, with a toilet, a washbasin and a fixed bath or shower with hot and cold water – yip there’s a bathroom at the end of the unit.
    3) A fixed heating appliance in each room, which is capable of providing effective heating and which the tenant can control – can’t see it, but easy enough to stick in. The word effective might be problematic.
    4) Facilities for cooking and for the hygienic storage of food, for example, a 4-ring hob with oven and grill, fridge-freezer and microwave oven – 4 ring hob &, an oven & a fridge – tick box.
    5) Access to a washing machine – There’s a washing machine
    6) Access to a clothes-dryer if the rented unit does not have a private garden or yard – Assume it’s a washer dryer
    7) A fire blanket and smoke alarms – available cheap
    8) Access to vermin-proof and pest-proof refuse storage facilities – assume there’s a bin somewhere

    When the standards are that low, it’s not difficult to meet them.

    1. Rep

      And yet a third of places checked by the council so far have failed them. Which is quite shocking.

  5. andy

    I’m sure Herman white are well use to dealing with shit properties like this as they are based in Rathmines

  6. Inopro

    what is going on with property in this country, just as corrupt and bizarre, nonsensical but totally accepted?

  7. Sinabhfuil

    Kind of odd that the rental standards accepted should be so different, considering that when you are looking for a loan to *buy* a place, they’re very sticky about having a lobby between the toilet and the kitchen.

  8. sendog

    If this country wanted to learn anything from the bubble we would have immediatly overhauled and introduced proper rental standards and requirements including proper long term renting arrangements that are the norm in most of Europe.
    The fact that this was never mouted anytime here in the last 6 years tells you all you need to know about what the vested interests in this country want. A return to the “good times” -Of buying overpriced shitholes.

    nothing has been learnt.

  9. Cian

    If it was checked with the “health board”, even allowing for them to actually mean the HSE, that means it was many, many years ago. Hasn’t been their responsibility for donkeys years.

  10. bobsyerauntie

    Herman White should be ashamed of themselves, so should the landlord, and any other landlord or agency who thinks that renting these abysmal, dire, suicide inducing, soul-destroying bedsits is ok. It might be technically ‘legal’ but that doesn’t mean it’s morally or ethically sound. I’ve lived in these places and the landlords who rent them are usually all the same type – money grabbing, morally bankrupt, greedy sleeveens with absolutely no respect for their tenants. Of course they’ll say- “but we’re providing a service, we provide flats for people who can’t afford anything else, we take the ones that no-one else will, we look after our tenants, and we take rent allowance from the poor unfortunate folks” … All bollox… they are exploiters and they are no different than 18th and 19th century colonial landlords who exploited unfortunate Irish people who had no choice but to put up with the rack rents and the dismal hovels they were made to live in, except that these SLUMLORDS do it to their own people in the 21st century… makes me sick…

    1. Paul Davis

      Unfortunately the push for abolition of bedsits has lead to the huge hikes in rent we have seen recently.

      Be careful what you wish for…

    2. Medium Sized C

      “Herman White should be ashamed of themselves, so should the landlord, and any other landlord or agency who thinks that renting these abysmal, dire, suicide inducing, soul-destroying bedsits is ok.”


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