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Annie West’s magnificent poster for the Fleadh festival in Sligo [running until August 17] contains a number of well known faces.

How many can you spot?

Annie will give the most correct ‘spots’ a FREE print on LOVELY paper.

White Hag Brewery (out of picture).

*shakes fist*

Lines MUST close at 4.45pm 6.15pm MIDNIGHT



President Higgins [who was given a FREE print] meets Annie at the Sligo Fleadh launch on Sunday. If he was only 40 years younger.

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25 thoughts on “Annie Body?

  1. andyourpointiswhatexactly

    What kind of monster would put tea/coffee and biscuits/cakes in completely opposite directions???

  2. jeremy kyle

    Hulk Hogan
    Maria Shriver
    Art Garfunkel
    Postman Pat
    The new Tiger that they got in at Fota
    The ghost of Bobby Sands
    A Cowboy Astronaut

  3. Always Wright

    I don’t know who any of those people are. I do, however, know what the apostrophe in “Annie will give the most correct spots’ a FREE print on LOVELY paper” makes me uncomfortable.

  4. ciara

    Chris hadfield, Michel D, Michael Coleman, WB Yeats, Kieran Quinn, Cathy Jordan, Seamie O’Dowd, Francie Boylan, Liam Kelly, Jame blennerhasset, Niamh Crowley?! I’m out now!! Oh and Wally!!
    Love the poster :)

  5. ciara

    Oh can I add some to my above list so. Kian Egan, the band Moxie (aka Ted and Jos Kelly, Paddy Hazelton, Cillian Doheny, Darren Roche) Dervish, Eileen Magner, Tommie Gorman, Michael Claffey.
    Dennis the Menace… :)

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