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In fairness.



Zardoz speaks to YOU.

Annie West writes:

I saw loads of people posting colouring sheets for kids and thought ‘aw wait now what about the grownups/” Also that crazy mindfulness colouring book thing with their horrid drawings of rainbows and fish and whatnot.

So I thought okay let’s do some Mindfulness colouring of some lovely modern day heritage sites . Behold (above)….The Mindfulness colouring pages of Twitter. The places you miss the most during #Covid19. The pubs and chippers of Ireland.

Annie West


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Annie West tweetz:

Update! After two days – money going to @TFMRIRE [Parents affected by Fatal & Severe Foetal Anomalies] for my Together For Yes print is €5,560 Huge thanks to everyone who bought, using your @Twitter powers for good.

Give me a wee while to get them all out to you …


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