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  1. Glen Hyland

    I hope you all realise that the stereotypes and jokes about Irish people being mostly stupid are true. It’s very sad. My country is populated by greedy, thick, ignorant, ignorant, ignorant people and I cry every day.

    1. JunkFace

      Ireland is Springfield! Watch the Simpsons, that’s us

      “Aaargh the lake’s on Fire!”

      “Everyone please stop doing Neck Nominations in rivers, at night. Its dangerous! etc, etc….” – Our elected leader

      Ha ha ha

      1. Rmc

        A lot of people on here find the concept of supply and demand to be incredibly difficult to grasp it Appears.

        1. benny

          Yes. Supply is constricted via NAMA and non-reposession of properties by State-owned banks, the rest of us chumps have to deal with the price increases due to our demand for having a place to live. Is that what you meant?

          As Noonan sez: “We need to get property prices up another bit”. This is nothing like a free market, and the normal rules of supply and demand do not apply. The game is rigged.

  2. L'esprit de l'escalier

    minus points if you have to correct two consecutive errors in this before you go to bed.

    1. f_lawless

      one presumes you mean “ridiculously cheap” only in comparison to the ridiculously overpriced apartments around Dublin

      1. Rmc

        Lots of people want to live in ranelagh.

        There isn’t a lot of available properties to rent in ranelagh.

        Therefore, the price of rent rises in ranelagh until demand drops to match supply.

        I know it’s dreadfully complicated but take your time

  3. Smeghead

    This looks like another building with a ‘hallway’ flat, as the main entrance looks to be just a window and not a doorway. So entry to the building looks to be under the stairway I’m guessing.


  4. North West

    free market economics. incentives in the right place. the market decides the correct price. whats the issue here?

    1. Sidewinder

      That housing is an essential need like food and healthcare and education and therefore shouldn’t be subject to the same rules or you end up with a massively socially divided society.

      There’s also the concept of non-competitiveness. People keep talking about the concept of supply and demand whenever this subject comes up but I haven’t seen any data that suggests that supply has gone down and demand has gone up. It seems to me instead that landlords are raising the price, not because their property has rarity value, but because no-one is going to have a rent cheaper than them so they can get away with it.

      1. North West

        oh crikey, we gone that left now? show me an economy that has progressed under communism? think you’ll struggle to find one. if its the wrong price, it stays empty. the guy who wants it most and puts more value on it than others gets it. its pretty simple and very fair.

        1. Sidewinder

          1. That’s not that left, it’s pretty basic sociology.

          2. Where the hell did we start talking about communism?

          3. Do you know what communism is and if so can you tell me a society that has actually practised it?

          4. That’s not what is happening because people still HAVE to live somewhere. If every supermarket charged 50 for food enough to feed one person for a day people would simply have to pay the fifty euro, it’s called non-competitiveness, there are laws on this, just none that are capable of regulating landlords. We should probably get some of those.

          And lastly I’m endlessly astounded at people who bitch non-stop about the economic crash and the housing boom while acting as if the rental market in Ireland isn’t going through the exact same thing.

          1. Domestos

            While you seem to have a grasp of basic sociology, you, with all due respect genuinely, seem to have no grasp on economics. First of all you’re conflating macro and micro concepts, governments and societies behave differently than business and individuals. Then you’re pretty much saying the rental market and residential market are the same thing. The divergences between the rental market and the residential markets are actually very revealing, for example, rising rents de-coupling from rising house prices is a red flag, they don’t always move in tandem.

  5. Grouse

    As much as I’m sick of the spiralling rent prices in Dublin (I’m currently living abroad because of them), this looks more like a case of someone really underpricing a Ranelagh apartment and then figuring out their mistake later in the day. €700 is still cheap by current standards (unless the place is absolutely awful).

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