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Dublin Rental Investigator tweetz:

Are DAFT facilitating landlords hiding the location of properties? New regulations governing the advertising of rental property must include a provision for the inclusion of the Eircode. What’s to gain from hiding “Newly Refurbished/BER Exempt’ property locations? #RaiseTheRoof


Dublin Rental Investigator writes:

Families are homeless now because 4-bedroom properties like this one (above) at 2 St Vincent St, Dublin 8 is crammed with bunk beds for 8+ foreign language students at €400pm each. #HAP for family of 5 = €1,560pm approx, students pay excess of €3,260pm.

There is no evidence of the property being registered with the RTB [Residential Tenancies Board] for the existing tenants. It’s unclear if the landlord has set up the property as a HMO. For accountability, proof of owner must be part of the advertising process…

2 St Vincent street W, Inchicore, Inchicore (Daft)


Chemical Byrne writes:

Thought you might find this interesting, a converted hallway off a busy laneway for €1500 per month. Shared jacks between two bedrooms, classy! No clothes washing facilities or central heating, near a pub though….

2 Eagle House, Killiney Hill Road, Killiney, South Co. Dublin (Daft)

This morning.

Further to results from Daft.ie that showing rents now risen ‘by 70% on average – 87% in Dublin, 68% in the other cities and 53% elsewhere – from their lowest point’ a decade ago.

In Dublin rents are 30% higher than their Celtic Tiger peak.

The Social Democrats have called for an an emergency rent freeze across the country.

Soc Dem co-leader Catherine Murphy said:

“It’s not good enough that the government continues to throw struggling renters upon the mercy of a market where there is an acute lack of supply and where the going rates for rental properties are totally out of whack with many people’s incomes.

“In our Alternative Budget 2019, the Social Democrats proposed a two-year emergency rent freeze across the country. It is abundantly clear that rent pressure zones are failing to curb soaring rents. We need a stronger solution to the current crisis.

The only option now is for the government to bring in an emergency rent freeze that will at least give renters some certainty about their weekly or monthly outgoings.”

Rental Price Report (Daft)

Rents continue to hit all-time highs with 11.3% national rise – Daft.ie (RTÉ)

September, 2018

November, 2018

The controversial Rathmines scratcher-in-a-kitchen.

Back on the market…de-cluttered.

We’re down a Crying Chair and about 55 lids.

Good times.

Grove Park, Rathmines, Dublin 6 (Daft)

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Thanks DD


Good times.

Hollybrook Road, Clontarf, Dublin 3 (Daft)

Nottingham Street, North Strand, Dublin 3 (Daft)


Anomanomanom writes:

I know rents are crazy and we have plenty of posts about it but €550 a week for Dublin 8. And it’s a minimum 6 month lease so its not even an AirBnB style rental.

How can someone even think they’ll get €2100 for a one bed?


The Maltings, Dublin 8 (Daft)