Lovely girls love shoes.

Daithi O’Se at Dublin Airport today with the American Roses ahead of the International Rose of Tralee festival.

The six day festival runs from Friday to Tuesday August 20.

Classic female group photo dip (top), in fairness

(Sasko Lazarov/Photocall Ireland)

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58 thoughts on “In Terminal

    1. cluster

      One might argue that the Rose of Tralee is perfectly in line with feminist beliefs.
      It is essentially a personality contest, combining minor elements of a talent show.
      One of the prime subjects of conversation is the educational achievements and career objectives of the contestants.

      1. Caroline

        No. You could argue it, but it would only work if you didn’t know what either feminism or an argument was.

          1. Nigel

            It’s a beauty pageant with, admittedly, the most egregiously misogynistic aspects of a beauty pageant filed off for a family audience, but so long as its primary, most obvious and up-front criteria for judging women is beauty, I don’t think it can really be compatible with feminism.

          2. Caroline

            Because it’s exclusionary, fetishises obedience and compliance with a narrowly defined social order by one gender only, reinforces traditional power and familial structures, idealises female beauty and conformity by requiring it to accompany all achievements by women, and is in the pocket of Big Taffeta.

            That sort of thing.

          3. cluster

            Caroline, this may all be true but I was hoping you might explain how that is the case. How exactly does it do the things you claim it does?

            I can see that it encourages a particular set of upper-working-class to middle-class values but if that hardly makes it anti-feminist in and of itself. The same could be said (and regularly is said) of many feminist activist groups after all.

            It also is only open to women but that again is true of women-only gyms etc. Are they anti-feminist too?

      2. Spaghetti Hoop

        Howsabout one for blokes then? What’ll we call it….the Rides of Tralee. Have them dance and stuff.

        1. Mick Flavin

          Sure that’s basically “Take Me Out”, and that flopped here already.

          “So here’s Séamus, ladies…25 years old, has 200 acres outside Bailieborough, likes Ifor Williams trailers, sodabread and the smell of silage…What’s your party piece for us tonight, Séamus?”

          “I have road frontage.”

          “…eh, and?”

          “That’s it.”

          *All ladies leave lights on. Séamus goes home with the one who can carry a square bale under each oxter*

    1. Mani

      Ryan tubridy: is it hard dealing with all these lovely ladies now that you’re a married man, Daithi?

      Daithi: well Ryan, as the aul Kerry saying goes ‘just because you’re neutered doesn’t mean you can’t finger them!’

      Ryan: oh Daithi , you’re a gas man altogether. Up next, why terry wogan thinks I’m great.

      1. Jock

        Classic Mani comedy. Have you thought about getting a twitter account. Instant validation for your brand of humour.

  1. Davwal

    Yawwwwwwnnnn….. this again…..arent you a lovely girl……why not change the rose of tralee to an awards gala for women of achievement…instead of ‘Hoh! Gowan !…Gis a Jig!’

    1. donnchup

      “An Awards Gala For Women Of Achievement” sponsored by The Oirish Times and Ballygowan Still.
      No winners, no patriarchy, no men. Bikini parade optional.

    2. Clampers Outside!

      Eh… there’s loads of those kinda awards already… the annual WMB Awards, WXN 25 Awards and Franchise Direct Awards for Irish women entrepreneurs…. to name three.

        1. All the good ones fly south for winter

          Just trying to soften the Arbour hill to society transition. Ease up.

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