photo 2-32Kaiser

The bike is safe.

The dog is missing.

Peter writes:

“My friend’s fiercely independent dog left on an adventure yesterday. He departed Clonskeagh [Dublin] and was seen heading out the Malahide Road this morning. I know you don’t usually do this but…He’s a gent, quite skittish when approached although at this stage I’d imagine some food may entice him! He has a number on his collar and is microchipped. (He goes by the name Kaiser)…”


UPDATE: Found (see comments).

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11 thoughts on “Find Kaiser

  1. Bobby

    Fairly sure I saw this dog sprinting along malahide road this morning at about 9:20 along by donnycarney church.

    1. chimpy

      jasus he’s gone a long way if that’s where he got to. To the owner: put picture up on lost, lors lost dogs on facebook and Ring ashton pound as soon as possible. They will keep him for only 5 days IF he is there. Ring local garda and vets. ring vets along the malahide rd. it may be that his collar has come off or been taken off (this happened to our dog) his chip might not be registered or might not have beeped when scanned. At the sake of sounding overly intense, the next 48hrs will be critical if you want to get him back. Dont stop searching and get it online. is not enough.

  2. Sinead L

    gutted to read this. he’s an amazing dog, so loved, I’m sure they are really worried. keep us posted and let us know if we can do anything. I’ll spread the word esp with people living malahide direction

    1. Justin

      Thank you so much for the help. He has been found back in dunlaoghaire where I work :).
      Some journey traveled!

  3. M

    Justin, if you have that bike since you were a kid, then I think I might know you…
    Glad Kaiser got home safe…

    1. Caroline

      I’m sure that exact kind of bike was the first racer I ever cycled, men’s one and all, massive flashback, thank you for that.

      (Also, viva Kaiser.)

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