You May Like This



it’s lengthy, trippy and premiered on Vice’s electronic music channel Thump last night.

Clu – “Mirrors”

“Inspired by 1980’s science fiction films, contemporary dance and 8 bit computer soundtracks a la Donkey Kong…”

The new single off Clu’s Debut EP ‘Gems’ out on August 26. Pre-order here

Written and directed by Kevin A Freeney. Music composed, recorded and produced by Sean Cooley. Starring Aaron Heffernan and Janna Kemperman.

12 thoughts on “You May Like This

  1. YourNan

    look I get it you are desperate to make some posts about oirish aritsts making “dance” music but this is really embarrassing tripe.

    Here, this is Irish, proper electronic music, not trying to push any agenda here, just some quality control and integrity you people have no idea about.

      1. Anne

        That I like..
        This stuff is so easy to make though.. keyboard, ‘reason’ and some fiddling around and on your way.

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