42 thoughts on “The Girl With The Yellow Bag

  1. Violet

    “This girl managed to fend off my friend Dean for an hour last night. She didn’t even tell him her name. But we’re going to splash her all over the internet, where there is no escape, and YOU can help us.”

    1. Genuine question broadsheet

      Here Broadsheet have you been hacked or what? So inappropriate this post. The guy sent it to joe.ie first who clearly reckoned it wasn’t up to their high standards of ladwank.

      Hashtag find this teen for Dean? Seriously Broadsheet intern. Are you fupping stupid or what? Have you no idea how creepy this is? Is click bait more important than making a usually great website look like a shower of Tuesdays?

      1. H

        That’s what I thought, he doesn’t look particularly delighted with the new love of his life in that pic

      2. Selfie Sensation

        Definitely a wind up by his mates, either he spent an hour batting off a drunk teenager or spent the rest of the night mooning over a girl he just met much to his current shame.

        Presumably Ray D’arcy is on the case now as well.

        1. Selfie Sensation

          just spotted the Hashtag, “find this teen for dean” someones mates are taking the piss. Mostly out of Broadsheet.

          1. Caroline

            I’d say they’re true LADsss with their mad prank skillz and hectic bantzzzzzzzz and suffocating sexual frustrationzzzzz

          2. Caroline

            Ah now. I take it back, they’re teenagers from Finglas. Let them have their laugh, they’ve little enough to look forward to in life.

    1. Mikeyfex

      Ya I reckon the two Seans are as much having a go for their own amusement as well as trying to help their buddy.

  2. Case

    How he REALLY feels? After an hour? By the look of the photo, she REALLY feels shame right now and the need for a couple of Panadol;)

  3. andy

    Jaysis Broadsheet what are yis like, transition year students looking after the site while yizur on yizur summer holliers or bleedin wha???

  4. Smelly Seán

    The life-altering love connection that only talking about your favourite music and films for an hour in a crowded disco can provide. The memories of which will provide years of fuel for DJ Wigger as he wanks into his favourite sock.

  5. Caroline

    I’d just like to apologise to Dean on behalf of women everywhere. No-one should be subjected to this kind of drunken, annoying behaviour by anyone. Some people would say he was asking for it, dropping mad beats like that, but it goes without saying that even the dignity of talented Leaving Cert disco DJs should be respected. Women need to take a long hard look at themselves, stop thinking that it’s ok to just ask a DJ straight out if he has any Rihanna, stop fooling themselves that “You’re really sound for a taxi driver” is an acceptable way to talk to the man driving you home under dangerous conditions – and women need to stand up and call out this kind of behaviour when they see it.

    Because #notALLteenagegirls, Dean.


    1. Rob

      I was on the verge of giggling then I got confused by the hashtags. I often think I get something only to be thrown off completely by hashtags.

      1. Caroline

        One day I’ll get that giggle from you, Rob.


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