What Are We Storing Up?



Headstrong,a charity supporting young people’s mental health in Ireland released it’s annual report for 2013 this morning.

The top ‘presenting issues’ were: anxiety, tension, worry (17%), anger (11%), family problems (10%), feelings of depression (10%), and isolation from others/withdrawal (10%).

Headstrong’s Dr [Sheelah] Ryan sez:

“Every community needs help to support our young people’s mental health and every system designed for our young people needs to be strengthened. It’s plain and it’s simple.” Dr Tony Bates, Founding Director, of Headstrong said at the launch. “And if we don’t intervene now as a country and make our young people’s mental health a national priority we are just storing up and escalating entrenched mental health issues for the future.”

Headstrong 2013 annual report


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Thanks Claire Colcannon

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3 thoughts on “What Are We Storing Up?

  1. Der

    Agreed! I’d be interested to see where addiction issues come in the list, it’s usually in the top 4 and can be a cause of other issues listed here. Not saying it is the cause but just wondering how prevalent headstrong thinks it is, and if there might be an under diagnosis in our young people.

  2. ac

    Yeah i think though its more likely these problems cause addiction and substance problems to occur. Anyways yeah it’d be interesting to know. I’m sure alcohol would be the most likely culprit if its under 18s?

  3. Der

    I think it’s difficult (and probably pointless) to determine exact cause in someone with mental health and addiction issues, it’s far too complex. As for the most abused substance, I’d guess its alcohol (as it is in adults) but Irish research is thin on the ground.

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