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  1. Bingo Slimz

    “Spotted this on James Street [Dublin]… what ‘ethnic’ peoples would they be looking for for a Viking saga I wonder?”

    Probably the ethnicities LISTED ON THE FLIER.

  2. Simon

    “what ‘ethnic’ peoples would they be looking for for a Viking saga I wonder?”

    It says right there on the poster; Middle Eastern, African, Indian, Carribean, Asian, etc. Strange question.

    1. Mister Mister

      Extremely silly question. Has the rush to be offended by John left him with the inability to read further than the perceived offensive line ?

    2. Caroline

      Was it really a question? Was he offended? John, tell us.

      I read it as someone spotting the “Ethnic Film Extras” sign, musing for a moment about the types they would require, strapping Scandinavians, perhaps some pale-skinned Irish, then reading the small print, oh no! Expectations confounded! They want the other type of ethnics, well hot damn! That’s borderline interesting with the added potential to enrage people as a result of misunderstanding, I know who’ll put that up in a jiffy…

      1. John Gallen

        Not offended, just curious… Tom defo picked me up in the worst way possible below.

        ….why is everyone so outraged and getting offended… wtf like! :)

  3. Tom Stewart

    @John Gallen: don’t be so blody sensitive. If members of the PC police like yourself had your way, we wouldn’t be able to say anything at all.

    It’s clear what they mean, which is nothing even remotely racist. It would be almost impossible for someone to take offence at this, and yet somehow you have.

    [As Selfie Sensation wrote above, the use of Comics Sans here is a far more serious issue].

    1. Jimmy Jazz

      Who said anything about racism? I think John was just curious about where these ethnicities fit into the Viking story.

      Actually I believe Dublin was quite the multi-ethnic town back in the early medieval era, due to the trade & slavery concerns.

    2. John Gallen

      That’s just fupping lovely Tom :)

      I am sorry if my knowledge of Viking history lacked any connection between Vikings and any “South American” civilizations… like say the Aztecs who would have been around for a few hundred years of the same time as the Vikings …say 800 – 1200. My ignorance is worn on my sleeve.

      But… *takes a big sup of coffee* …where the actual f**k did you get your “PC brigade” and “racist” impression from, that’s just lovely :)

      And I do love a good knee jerk in the morning ! But I’d recommend more coffee there Tom …to counter it.

      1. ReproBertie

        The Vikings travelled all over the place. We tend to see them as just hanging out in Scandinavia, Britain, Ireland, Iceland, Greenland (and America) because of how they interact with our own history but they were all over Europe and Russia (which is named after them as the locals called them the Rus), the med, the Aegean and anywhere they could get their longships up a river from the sea.

        Hopefully this call for middle eastern extras means they are expanding the horizons in the TV show.

        Also hopefully this image will load to give you an idea of where they went:


  4. Dee

    Now someone should put up another poster on the other side of town saying Whites Only Film Extras and see how remotely racist this actually is.

  5. H

    Given that we are all from one ethnicity or another it probably should state that they are looking for minority ethnics at the top to avoid confusion or offence

  6. 15 cents

    they probably want one particular ethnic group, but if they posted “chinese wanted” or “black people wanted” the PC brigade would be up in arms claiming its racist.

  7. deliverancecountry

    Because they don’t ask for “Different Ethnicities”. They asked for people who are “Ethnic” (as opposed to what?)

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