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From top: King Ivor’s throne (estimate €300-500) and  Aslaug’s boat chair (est €200-400), both  from ‘Vikings’; ‘Game of Thrones’ candelabra (est €400-€800); King Alfred’s throne in ‘Vikings’ (€300-500)

Need furnishings?

Forget IKEA.

Yvonne writes:

Laois’s auctioneer to Hollywood, Sean Eacrett will be bringing the gavel down on his latest celluloid props collection, with ‘Vikings’ and Game Of Thrones’ on Monday next.

The auction will feature thrones and costumes props primarily from the six Vikings series filmed in County Wicklow, and two items of interest from Game Of Thrones (see above).

Vikings ran for six series, which were filmed in Ashford County Wicklow on a set which included an entire mock village called ‘Kattegat’.

The props up for auction online at Sean Eacrett might suit a Vikings buff, a movie fan or collector or even a commercial buyer in the hospitality industry….

Sean Eacrett Auctioneers


Via Dublinia Viking experience:

The Vikings liked to groom themselves just as much as we did, the object in the middle (above) was a handy little vanity kit that they could hook onto their clothes like a keyring!

It had tweezers, and a little scoop for cleaning out all the wax in your ear!

They really liked to make a splash.


Never mind.

Local viking John Cox (left) and Gavan Murphy at Wexford’s quayside prepare for the inaugural Viking Fire Festival

This is no Viking Splash.

This is Wexford, 900ad.

Ann Power writes:

A brand new epic festival is set to take place in Wexford town on Saturday, September 28th.

The first annual Viking Fire Festival will be hosted on Wexford’s quayside by the Irish National Heritage Park.

The historical Wexford town will be transformed back to Viking times, as the Wexford Quayside will be turned into a real-life Viking Village hosting an immersive experience akin to life over a thousand years ago.

The Vikings founded Wexford town sometime before 900AD when they first settled and the street layout today can be attributed to these early settlers.

The ancient settlement will be populated throughout the day with a host of re-enactors who will be going about their day-to-day life….

and offering visitors the opportunity to enjoy storytelling, a Viking market, coin striking, spinning, weaving, leatherworking, metalwork and woodwork, with some Viking music performances and even the chance to participate in some slave trading….

Viking Fire Festival

Pic: Patrick Browne

Do you like Vikings on the telly?

Read on.

Liam Geraghty writes:

Just weeks after launching Meet Your Maker, I have another podcast launching today! I’m hosting History’s new Vikings podcast! It’s an 8-episode series exploring the creation of the show in the lead up to season 5 that premieres on November 29.

I’ll be taking listeners inside the world of the hit show with interviews with the cast, crew, and creators, and original stories from behind-the-scenes. It’ll be an epic journey that goes into the making of the epic show. Episode 1 launches today.

Histroy’s Vikings Podcast (iTunes)




The Irish Wolfhound writes:

The hit TV show ‘Vikings’, shot down in Ashford Studios, Co. Wicklow, has featured some hard hitting, high octane action over it’s four seasons.

In this clip from the new series, Irish Actor Moe Dunford (in black) and Irish Stunt Professional Keith Ward engage in a gritty no holds barred fight for a key that unlocks the tower in which the Queen is being held captive.

It’s worth noting that no stunt double was required for the Herculean effort that Moe brings to this fight.

The episode ‘Kill the Queen’ Season 4 Episode 2 ‘Vikings’, is directed by another Irish professional – award winning director Ciaran Donnelly.


This lunchtime.

Temple Bar, Dublin

Sue Jefferson writes:

The ‘Vikings‘ extras Dublin audition queue [100 metres from the Temple Bar pub] is as long as an old goat’s beard. Better it is to die in the queue with honour than to live in shame because you did not defend your place in the queue….

Vikings Extra Casting (Facebook)

Screenengrab via the DublinCam


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Will pillage for food.

Wannabe Viking extras in the queue including lushly-bearded Eoghan Hegarty (top) from Sligo  and from pic 4:  Rune Malens from Denmark; Orests Kalnberzins from England; Derrick Young from Scotland & Rory Drumm from Dublin; and Henry ‘Rarr’ Laurie from South Africa.

(Leah Farrell/Photocall Ireland)