‘Two Residents Were Transferred’ After Speaking Out


Mount Trenchard Direct Provision centre

Further to a protests by some asylum seekers at the Mount Trenchard Direct Provision Centre, Foynes, Co Limerick yesterday

Migrant NGO Doras Luimní write:

Twenty minutes after Doras representatives left the Foynes accommodation centre where an agreement was made to address the concerns of residents, two residents were transferred by the Reception Integration Agency. One of the transferred residents was escorted by Gardai to Limerick. We are raising our concerns with RIA [Reception Integration Agency] but this inhumane treatment has to stop.”

Doras Luimni (Facebook)

Thanks Mark Malone

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    1. Sidewinder

      Awesome. Why don’t you go with them. Say hi to Boko Haram/ISIS for me while you’re there. I hear they’re big fans of Christians.

      Actually strike that last part, from that attitude I seriously doubt you’re an actual Christian.

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