25 thoughts on “How Much?

  1. cupantae30

    I would have thought this was fairly standard at the airport, in fact I’m surprised that you’d get two pastries, fruit and a smoothie for under a tenner.

  2. obriendj

    Dont think that is too bad for dublin airport.

    But I would be less concerned about the price and more concerned about the custard danish, with a bite taken out of it.

  3. Talismania!

    I’m seeing three “luxury” items and a banana. Lucky to get it under a tenner. If you were really outraged you would have carried some Aldi croissants smeared with imitation nutella for a fraction of the cost, because the airport is always going to be expensive. Now, if you told me the banana cost you 3 euro I’d be mildly concerned.

  4. tommy

    Not too bad in fairness! Last time I was there I got to large Riverrock 500ml water for price of one, (2Euro) That would have brought your purchase under 8quid altogether!!!

  5. garthicus

    Here’s a little tip…

    If you’ve a couple of hours to spare in the airport and don’t mind parting with €20 then check into the Anna Livia lounge.

    Our services include:
    A comfortable, air-conditioned tranquil setting
    Complimentary drinks and snacks
    Complimentary newspapers and magazines
    A dedicated Business Centre providing computer access
    Free Wi-Fi access throughout the lounge
    Notification of delays and flight times.

    That includes alcohol, I think it’s meant to be 3 or 4 drinks but nobody really monitors. Anyhow, you can more than recoup your €20 if you do it right.


        1. The People's Hero

          I use this spot all the time…. You also get access to the fast track security channel…..

  6. David

    that’s pretty standard prices for any cafe in Dublin really.

    i’m more concerned about the amount of sugar and absolutely crap carbs that “Andrew” is ingesting.

  7. Everybody

    Always worth doing a bit of the old forward planning….

    1.Go to your local shop and stock up on items for your stay at the airport.
    2. Chuckle at the twonks paying a tenner for a rubbish breakfast.

    Other wise stop complaining……….or get a better paying job.


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