Some Men’s True Hate


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DUP MLA for South Down Jim Wells receives feedback from the electorate as he attempts to prevent private clinics performing abortions in NI.

A staunch flegger and pro-lifer, what’s not to like?


Here’s Jim getting hysterical on a visit to Dundalk in 1986 as his colleague Peter Robinson was appearing in court for his part in a disturbance in Clontibret, Co. Monaghan.

Calm down, dear.

Good times.

42 thoughts on “Some Men’s True Hate

  1. Anna

    these gobsh@tes are the type of boys the John Bruton and WWI ‘glorious sacrific’ people love.

      1. Ms Piggy

        Yep. Environmentally friendly, cheaper etc. All great if you can just get past the conviction that if you once put it in, it’d take a team of gynaecologists to get it out again :-)

  2. Llareggub

    I am seriously sick to death of people, particularly men, trying to dictate what women should do with their bodies.

    1. Yea, Ok

      STOP SAYING PARTICULARLY MEN! There are AT LEAST as many pro-life women as men – in fact in the Republic a majority of the pro-life nuts at an average rally are women, notably middle-aged and older women. You’re intentionally excluding half of the potential pro-choice support just to have a whinge about men. It’s bloody infuriating how often men are singled out like this in the abortion debate. STOP IT!
      This guy is saying these things because he’s a religious fundamentaller, not because he’s a man.
      I am a man and I am pro-choice – most of the men I know are the same. Don’t make it a gender issue when it’s not, because it doesn’t help anyone.

  3. RIGBY

    I support what I think she is trying to achieve here – I think… Not sure I needed that level of detail as to her menstruation however.

    1. Llareggub

      But that’s the point isn’t it? She’s saying if you haven’t had a period well then shut the hell up! Maybe she needed to be graphic to get her point across.

      1. RIGBY

        Yeah, I get that, thanks. I just don’t think it’s the best way to foster rational discussion of the subject; it’s a bit childish. As I said, I support what I believe is her sentiment, but addressing in that manner just makes people uncomfortable

        1. Ms Piggy

          And attempts to interfere with my rights to bodily integrity make me uncomfortable too. That really is the point – that if he’s so bloody interested (pun intended) in our reproductive functions, then maybe he’d like daily updates? Also, we really need to get past the stage where menstruation isn’t mentioned in public. As the famous joke goes, if men had periods, they’d be hanging around in locker rooms boasting about how heavy their flow is.

          1. RIGBY

            Well that’s fair enough, but I’m not sure I entirely agree. I am quite comfortable discussing my girlfriend’s menstrual cycle with her, and rightly so – it is an important natural part of life. It certainly shouldn’t be regarded as a ‘dirty’ subject, but certain topics – including a number of natural bodily functions – don’t need to be aggressively tweeted on social media in a futile attempt to embarrass a backward politician.
            So for example, another issue about which I am exercised is prostrate screening – I think there should be a free national programme for men of my father’s age to avail of, as it is very common in that cohort but often goes undiagnosed. However, I don’t think the best way to effect such a programme would involve tweeting at any politician – male or female – about the colour and texture of my semen (another natural bodily fluid). That would be obscene.

          2. Caroline

            You’ve still not quite grasped the point. Tweeting about your semen at them for no reason or out of the blue would be excessive. But you might feel different if they spent a huge amount of energy blocking such a program due to their own ideological objections, while men your father’s age continued to suffer or die from the disease for lack of it. Over time that might anger you enough to consider baser tactics.

        2. Llareggub

          Her comments are possibly crude though I don’t think they’re childish. She is trying to make him feel uncomfortable I’m sure by describing her own discomfort. But that’s not a bad thing necessarily. Life is messy sometimes, that’s reality.

        3. ahjayzis

          I’m not uncomfortable?

          It’s a sad fact that forced pregnancies are the norm and yet this makes people uncomfortable – it’s useful to see that contrast highlighted.

          That said I’ve gotten chapter and verse from various vengeful friends in the throes of cramping growing up :/

  4. The Old Boy

    Go to 7.10 of that video to see an entire Lucozade crate of petrol bombs being thrown from a window on Clanbrassil street. Apparently, the buck eejits lit one bomb in the crate, so the whole thing caught fire and had to be jettisoned.

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