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This morning.


The junction of Lanark Way and Shankill Road in west Belfast last night

This morning.

NI scenes not seen ‘for a very long time’ – Coveney (RTÉ)

Pic: Sky News

This morning.

St Patrick’s Church, Belfast

The funeral service for Noah Donohoe is taking place.

Noah’s body was found in a storm drain in north Belfast last week. Police believe he fell off his bike and sustained a head injury ‘before stripping naked and vanishing’ into the city.

Funeral of Noah Donohoe under way in Belfast (RTÉ)

Pics via Brendan Huighes


In fairness.


This morning.

Paul Doherty tweetz:

Iceland Foods at Kennedy Centre, West Belfast will be opening their store between 8-9am for the elderly starting this Tuesday.

The wider public are asked to respect this hour as it has been allocated for elderly people only. Would be great to see other stores now do the same.


Last night, Supermac’s announced via Twitter (above) that it would provide free meals to members of the emergency services.

Via Supermac’s

The patient is reported to be in Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast

This evening.

BBC Northern Ireland reports:

A case of coronavirus has been diagnosed in Northern Ireland, the Public Health Agency has said.

Chief Medical Officer Dr Michael McBride said the adult had travelled from northern Italy via Dublin.

He said the patient had contacted a GP and had taken steps to self-isolate.

He said the case had showed a presumptive positive result and in line with established protocols, it had been sent to laboratories in England for verification.

Coronavirus: First case diagnosed in Northern Ireland (BBC News Northern Ireland)

“I can’t get this balaclava on for love nor money”

‘Thick As’

A comedy short set in Belfast made for Channel 4’s ‘Comedy Blaps’.

Directed by Fergal Costello, produced by Luke Mason and starring Ian Beattie, Tracey Lynch, Chloe Hodgens, Tara Cush and Shane Todd.

Thick As (Comedy Blaps, Channel 4)

Channel 4 Comedy

Thanks Laura Gaynor

The Sinn Féin motion suggested the Department for Infrastructure be brought to court over its refusal to remove paramilitary flags and banners from lamp posts.

It comes after UVF flags appeared in the Cantrell Close area where they have previously caused controversy.

Last month, the Ministry of Defence spoke out against the unofficial flying of Army flags and emblems, after a number of Parachute Regiment flags and banners were put up.

Unionists opposed the motion, but it passed backed by 34 councillors. Eighteen voted against it.


Belfast council pass paramilitary flags motion (BBC)