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On the 18th of August, 1994, Martin Cahill (aka ‘The General’) was assassinated in Dublin [at the junction of Oxford Road and Charelston Road, Ranelagh].

Cahill was apparently shot by the Provisional IRA, less than a fortnight before the historic ceasefire.

Future Broadsheet photographer Oisín Kane happened to be in Ranelagh with his SLR when he came upon the scene. The above images (published for the first time in 2012) were taken about 20 minutes after the shooting.

Watch the RTÉ News report here.

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29 thoughts on “Twenty Years Ago Today

        1. Provo

          Contracted? What nonsense. The IRA never worked on “contract” for anybody.

          From An Phoblacht:

          “On 18 August 1994 the IRA executed Dublin criminal boss Martin Cahill and stated that they had done so because he was involved closely with the Portadown-based UVF gang which carried out the attack on the Widow Scallan’s pub on Pearse Street (which killed Martin Doherty). Cahill and the UVF gang had co-operated in criminal activities including drug-dealing and the IRA said that this collaboration had endangered the lives of people in Dublin. “

  1. phil

    So was he really killed by the provos? Its not discussed much, but it is too monstrous to even consider who else might have benefited from his death.

    there may have been sighs of relief from the executive to the news of the death of veronica guerin and the general. Is it going too far to wonder if this might have been allowed to happen?

  2. Ropes

    Gosh, how time flies. I went past the car on that dodgy “ghost” bus that went from rathmines to baggot street. It rarely turned up on time, if at all, I think it was the 13. Drove past about 5 mins after the shooting. Just an old blanket thrown over the front of the car, little police presence and bugger all spectators. Didn’t know it was the much feared general at the time. How much has ireland changed since then? Celtic Tiger wasn’t even weaned by then.

  3. dave

    So in 20 minutes the cops arrived, sealed off the area and covered up the car? Even if they were watching him that seems incredibly efficient

    1. rotide

      theres a police station 5 minutes away so not that unbelievable.

      also like people who claimed to have attended woodstock , you can add a pinch of salt to any times mentioned. i was there at around the time these pictures were taken and it was more than 20 minutes after the shooting

    2. retroboy

      I was 5 mins around the corner on Oakley Road when it happened. Heard the shots.
      The cops were there in no time, seemed like no more than 5 mins. 10 mins later the place was crawling with detectives etc.
      Never seen them react so quickly, it was almost as if….

      1. rotide

        It’s pretty well known that his daily police tail was suspended that day for no known reason.

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