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Maíria Cahill spent the day in Leinster House answering questions and talking about the wider issue of abuse.

A Dáil debate is scheduled today from 2:30 pm regarding allegations of sexual abuse by members of the republican movement arising from the Maíria Cahill case.

Watch it live here.

Gerry Adams to meet woman ‘raped by top republican’ (Eilis O’Hanlon, Sunday Independent December 2013)

Laura Hutton/Photocall Ireland

cahill (l-r) Jennifer O’Leary and Maíria Cahill


BBC Spotlight’s Jennifer O’Leary speaks to Maíria Cahill, a grand-niece of republican legend Joe Cahill and investigates the republican movement’s handling of sexual abuse allegations against a suspected IRA member.

BBC One, Tuesday at 10:35pm.


How many?

On this day in 1984, the Irish Navy intercepted the fishing trawler ‘Marita Ann’ off the Kerry coast as it attempted to import seven tonnes of weapons, which included 163 firearms [91 rifles, mostly Armalites and 3 Browning .50 heavy machine guns], and 71,000 rounds of ammunition.

The Sinn Féin TD for North Kerry Martin Ferris was one of five men arrested on the trawler. He was sentenced to 10 years’ imprisonment.

The Marita Ann was later bought by Barney McKenna of The Dubliners who renamed it ‘Daragh Liam’ and fished out of Howth.

Good times.

Watch the RTÉ News report here.



Veteran BBC filmmaker Peter Taylor has said in a programme to be shown on Monday night that the ‘war’ was ultimately won by the British Government and unionists.

The English-born journalist, who has made almost 100 films in Northern Ireland over four decades returned to mark the 20th anniversary of the IRA and Loyalist ceasefires. He met high-profile figures again to ask whether they still agreed with past interviews, questioning Martin McGuinness [above] about claims that it would only be the “cutting edge of the IRA” that would bring about freedom.

Who Won the War? is on BBC One on Monday at 9pm.

British and unionists won ‘war’ says Troubles journalist Peter Taylor (Marie Louise McConville, Irish News)
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Martin McGuinness when asked by Matt Frei on tonight’s Channel 4 News if as a former member of the IRA he ever remembered targeting Ian Paisley replied:

“No. I think that many people within Irish Republicanism thought that Ian Paisley alive was a much better recruiting sergeant if you like, for the IRA at that time.”

Who recruited Marty?


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Getting To Know Him

gen1 gen2 gen6

On the 18th of August, 1994, Martin Cahill (aka ‘The General’) was assassinated in Dublin [at the junction of Oxford Road and Charelston Road, Ranelagh].

Cahill was apparently shot by the Provisional IRA, less than a fortnight before the historic ceasefire.

Future Broadsheet photographer Oisín Kane happened to be in Ranelagh with his SLR when he came upon the scene. The above images (published for the first time in 2012) were taken about 20 minutes after the shooting.

Watch the RTÉ News report here.