16 thoughts on “‘During Mass’

    1. ABM

      What’s your point? In your brave new world of eugenics there would be no need for disabled parking spaces?

      I would not be seen dead in a puny Nissan. When I get my licence back I will drive down O’Connell Street in a tank emblazoned with life-sized foetus hands. Let’s see the self-styled liberagentsia boycott that.

      1. Italia'90

        You’ve a great sense of humour for an Arch Bishop and of course, who could forget, you give great mass.

        Love Jesus, hate Christians.

        Are ya with me, your grace?

    1. Zynks

      If we can’t get rid of the swear filter, I wonder if at least feck could be used instead of fupp. This is almost sillier than the beeps on teevee.

  1. Outta me Bento Box

    bit of perspective needed.

    I’d wager all of the half dozen attendees are regulars and none are in a wheelchair – the driver is probably fairly feeble however.

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