13 thoughts on “Defiant 19th Century Regatta

  1. Louis Lefronde

    Excellent, now we can have a massive row about the Tricolour!

    A terrible knockoff of the French Tricolore!

    Plus the orange sucks! (navy would have been better)

    1. The Lady Vanishes

      You need to pay more attention to your geography Rob, one is Devon the other East Yorkshire.

      Usually the more northerly and easterly the seaside town, the worse it is. Irish examples: Dingle and Bangor.

  2. The bringer of facts

    Our flag, national anthem, general appearance to the rest of the world is all a bit underwhelming.

    1. Rob


      I lazily had Dartmouth (along with 95% of towns in the UK outside London) in the same bracket as Hull.

    2. Moan

      Dartmouth even.
      Excellent town, but parking is a nightmare, and the whole place is far too crowded this time of year.

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