A Tipping Point


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Top: Tom Manly, a 13-year employee, beside his wife Caroline, Veronica Murray (right), a wife of a Greyhound employee and supporter Susan McDonagh.

A public rally today in support of the locked out Greyhound Workers at the Greyhound Depot on Crag Avenue in Clondalkin, Dublin.

The workers have been outside since June 17 when they were informed that unless they accepted a 35 percent pay cut and a reduction in other terms and conditions they would not be allowed to start work. They were replaced with minimum wage-paying agency crews.

(Mark Stedman/Photocall Ireland)

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12 thoughts on “A Tipping Point

  1. Jenny

    Greyhound rang me last week and started the conversation by asking if I lived at an old address, I said no. They asked who my current bin provider was, I told them it was none of their business. Annoyed that I wasn’t playing ball he told me that I was missing out, that Greyhound had an offer that was going to save people loads of money. I told him that I wasn’t interested and hung up while he was babbling trying to keep me on the phone. On my way home my road was blocked by an unmarked bin truck manned by guys in track suits and high via vests going around the place trying to figure out where all the greyhound bins were hiding. And they wonder why I wasn’t interested?? Beyond unprofessional!

    1. Sancho

      Are they locked out or just fired? It kinda sounds like the latter. How long before they realize?

  2. Joe Malone

    I wonder what other companies in the same sector are paying for similar roles, it’s probable less then what those chaps are(were) on however you don’t hear the staff of other companies complaining.

    The more I read about this I think that both sides are money grabbers, Greyhound are all about the profit and really can’t see how they are still operating given their past environmental issues.

    The staff on strike here have wages that are far above the industry average for frankly what are very unskilled jobs (driving the lorry might be the most skilled role) so they have been lucky to get this far with that pay. Quit the childish tantrums and get back to work or go find another job. O wait ye are unskilled so that’ll be a tough task won’t it.

      1. Sancho

        Exactly. I hate hearing this kinda rubbish. It only comes from people who have never run a business in their life. There is nothing inherently wrong with a company whose primary priority is to make a profit. To suggest anything else is just a stupid and very ignorant employee perspective.

  3. dhaughton99

    I was wondering why the Garda helicopter was flying around the industrial estate where they are located in Clondalkin this morning when I was walking the dogs this morning beside it. They were up there for at least 45 mins.

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