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Put Out with Wasters writes:

“Greyhound seemed to make it really difficult on me to remain on the Current Plan (fixed monthy charge). In past you didn’t have to do anything to remain on the plan you were on but they changed it up on us this year. Even after I did what was required, they’ve tried to switch me to Pay By Weight anyhow!

They required that we have double the usual pre-pay monthly amount in the account. I did that. I also sent an email and filled out the online form requesting to stay on our current plan – and yet I logon this morning to see they’ve charged me as a Pay By Weight customer. Anyone else seeing this?”



This afternoon.

Supporters, greyhound trainers and greyhounds protesting outside Leinster House against the proposed sale of Harold’s Cross Greyhound Stadium, Dublin 6w.

According to today’s Racing Post:

The Irish Greyhound Board, under pressure to reduce debt, has been advised via a report from Indecon to do so by selling Harold’s Cross and transfer all Dublin operations to Shelbourne Park. The Cross is said to face closure within two years…

Michael O’Keeffe, chairman of the Dublin Greyhound Owners and Breeders Association, sez:

“Harold’s Cross is a viable and important part of the greyhound industry.It’s been particularly busy there recently, and on Friday nights they’re out the door, the crowds are simply that good.In our view Shelbourne and Harold’s Cross, together, keep the rest of the greyhound business in Ireland going – and it makes no sense to close one part of such a successful facility…”

(Sam Boal/Photocall Ireland)


Greyhound workers at Liberty Hall earlier this month

The Lockout is over.

Peace bin our time.

The agreement includes a redundancy package of two weeks’ pay plus statutory entitlements of two weeks per year of service for the workers who have decided to leave the company.
13 of the workers who are remaining with the company will retain their previous terms and conditions.
These workers will work on a Dublin City Council contract to collect waste from social housing units and will be selected according to length of service at the company.
Workers who are remaining with the company but will not be working on the social housing contract have agreed a wage reduction of between 15% and 20%.
These workers will also be compensated for the changes in their terms and conditions of employment by receiving a payment of a sum equal to 30% of the redundancy package to which they would have been entitled if they were leaving the company.

Result, in fairness.

Greyhound workers accept revised pay proposals (RTÉ)

(Sam Boal/Photocall Ireland)


Some current Greyhound employees leave the High Court by bus after facing off with supporters of striking Greyhound workers.

Greyhound took nine workers and [Dublin City] councillor Gino Kelly to court for contempt after they allegedly ignored an injunction not to block Greyhound trucks. The workers were locked out after they refused to accept a 35 per cent wage cut in June.

The case was adjourned for a week

(Sam Boal/Photocall Ireland)



Gerry Adams visits workers locked out of the Greyhound plant in Clondalkin Dublin this afternoon.

(Eamonn Farrell/Photocall Ireland)

Workers Ready To Go To Jail (Herald)


Protests earlier this week in Clondalkin (top) Michael Buckley, CEO of Greyhound

Further to the breakdown of talks between Greyhound Waste and locked out workers blockading the firm’s recycling centre in Clondalkin, Dublin.

Via SWP.ie

The Greyhound dispute has taken a sinister turn today as it emerges that Michael Buckley has served a High Court motion on nine of the locked out striking workers.

Buckley is seeking an order from the High Court which includes seizing workers homes so as to compensate him for loss of earnings and threats of imprisonment. This brings the treatment of these workers to a new low as their family homes are put at risk.
We call on Greyhound to immediately reinstate the workers under their original terms and conditions and to then enter the Labour Court for honest and transparent negotiations with the striking workers and their representatives.
It would be an absolute outrage if any worker was to go to prison for simply defending their job and conditions. There will be outrage and fury across the trade union and labour movement and working class communities across the country if this happens.

Greyhound Dispute Takes A sinister Turn (Socialist Workers Party)

Previously: Greyhound on Broadsheet

(Laura Hutton/Photocall Ireland, RTE)

Thanks Tony

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Supporters of the striking workers at Greyhound Recycling centre [Clondalkin, Co Dublin] celebrate after blocking trucks from entering the facility on Crag Avenue this morning.

Workers have been on strike since June 17 after refusing to accept a 35 per cent pay cut.

It’s escalating.

Yesterday: A Tipping Point

(Laura Hutton/Photocall Ireland)


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Top: Tom Manly, a 13-year employee, beside his wife Caroline, Veronica Murray (right), a wife of a Greyhound employee and supporter Susan McDonagh.

A public rally today in support of the locked out Greyhound Workers at the Greyhound Depot on Crag Avenue in Clondalkin, Dublin.

The workers have been outside since June 17 when they were informed that unless they accepted a 35 percent pay cut and a reduction in other terms and conditions they would not be allowed to start work. They were replaced with minimum wage-paying agency crews.

(Mark Stedman/Photocall Ireland)


This morning.

Laura writes:

“Greyhound staff [who are members of SIPTU], continue their strike outside the refuse company’s Clondalkin plant today. Approx 70 workers have been on strike since June 17 over the company’s plans to cut their wages by 35 per cent and change their employment conditions. Greyhound, however, say the workers will still be paid 10 per cent above the industry average….”

(Laura Hutton/Photocall ireland)