‘He Loved His Bike’


Daragh OConnorDaragh and his Epic Mountain bike

Brighid O’Connor writes:

“Please help! This is my lovely late husband Daragh on his Specialized Epic mountain bike. He loved his bike. I have been keeping it for the past 3 years until my son would be big enough to ride it and I handed it in to Tramore cycle services [Broad Street, Tramore, Co Waterford] on Thursday 14th August for a service. It was waiting near the door for collection and an unknown young man collected it on Wednesday/Thursday 20th/21st.. He told them his aunt had dropped it in. Needless to say we are really upset because of the sentimental value involved….”


Thanks Emma Dwyer

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15 thoughts on “‘He Loved His Bike’

    1. madouveh on the dole

      yeah, seriously, tell them to sort you out with a replacement of similar value. They’re liable.

      Make noises about the guards and court unless the pony up. Dont be a rube.

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