You’re Getting Warm



Trocaire’s Barstool Soapbox.

In Cows Lane, Temple Bar during the hot spell.

A chance to rest the legs and get things off YOUR chest on challenging themes of the day. Such as global warming climate change.


Made by Eoghan Rice, Alan Whelan and Emmet Sheerin.

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11 thoughts on “You’re Getting Warm

  1. Piotr

    Brainwashed into expecting an apocalyptic future of food shortages and flooded cities.

    If the huge populations of India and China are affecting the world’s climate then making Irish people walk to work and taxing the fock out of them isn’t going to make a difference.

    1. Jog On

      You’re a humanoid so do your bit, even if you feel like a insignificant little guy.

      Fair play to all contributors. The older gentleman with the beard spoke particularly well.

  2. chicken

    Yes the naysayers should read some reports. Islands of Tuvalu & others around Papua New Guinea will disappear over the next 100 years. Who are we to say that they should be relocated to another country. How would an Irish person feel, if they were told – ah you know we can’t be bothered to help prevent Ireland from disappearing under the sea, off you go to England & live there instead. People really need to wake up & do their part.

  3. Kolmo

    People have adapted to new geographical situations since humanity appeared on our planet…as has all life on the ever changing earth, it is disruptive that one might have to move due to flooding, but lands have appeared and disappeared over time, – Today’s Persian Gulf used to be land, same with most of today’s North Sea, Mediterranean, Beringia, Sarah Ann Island, Zealandia, Kerguelen Plateux amonst many others..
    The Blasket Islands off Kerry was abandoned due to shit weather, as were a number of our more exposed Islands, happens surprisingly often, nature is more powerful than us.

    1. Medium Sized C

      It isn’t anymore.

      There are countless examples of our interactions overcoming nature.
      Civil engineering is basically the science of subjugating nature.

      Look at the Aral sea or the Mesopotamian wetlands.

      The natural climate cycle argument is dead. The only possible flaw in it is that we can’t conclusively prove that the freakish acceleration of global temperature and sea ice recession is caused by the almost exponential increase of carbon emissions and the rapidly increasing destruction of plant dominant Biomes.

      But that’s science. Its almost impossible to prove causality in most things.

      1. Kolmo

        I agree Civil Engineering can subjugate the power of nature, but only to a certain point, no amount of civil engineering can stop a volcano in Pompeii or a meteorite pounding into Cork…

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