Ah Janey. Why did ya have to bring that up again?

Thought we had that swept under the carpet dealt with these matters already.

Three who stopped the cancer tests (Eilish O’Regan, David Quinn/Irish Independent October 2005)

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“Ireland Does Have Abortion, We Just Don’t Have It In This Country”

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117 thoughts on “Morto

  1. jeanclaudetrichet

    I think everyone should just calm down and have a quick cup of tea;
    Politicians, Priests, Internet nerds, people with rosary beads, hot angry feminists, foetuses,
    just calm down and take a break.

  2. Bluebeard

    So would you aggressive atheists rather the world of your leader mr Dawkins? He speaks common sense doesn’t he?

  3. Orla

    Is it not a bit weird that women HAD to use contraception in order to go on the trial- if that was the case. Be better if there had been a choice in the matter for the women involved. Obviously board were not correct to stand between a person and life saving treatment in grounds of their own beliefs.

    1. Don Pidgeoni

      Standard for medical trials – big pharma don’t want a repeat of the thalidomide shambles (as long as it isn’t in the West of course, fine if anywhere else lalala)

    1. Zynks

      Good article, but not something that you would want the “outside world” to see. It exposes Ireland as a country stuck in the middle ages.

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