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Australian photographer Jane Long’s digitally restored, coloured and subverted takes on the historic glass plate portraits of Romanian photographer Costica Acsinte (currently preserved at the Costică Acsinte Archive).

Costică Acsinte on Flickr Commons


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8 thoughts on “Retroshopped

  1. Clampers Outside!

    The Pyramid Of Messaging – I like those graphs, especially when there is some truth to them, it’s what makes them funny, right?

    But, the Pyramid Of Messaging is total nonsense that has it all backwards. SMS, yes, simple texting is still king by a long shot!
    This is just one study on the matter, a good one (it’s US based but the Irish studies are largely similar but not as detailed, there are many), if you’re into that kinda thing here it is –

    My morning nerdism

  2. benny

    The last one’s my favourite. You’d wonder why the two wee lads weren’t photographed together – probably not for happy reasons. In a way it’s a shame the photos are so old in a way – the parents would probably have appreciated the redone version.

    Anyway, that’s my buzzkill for the morning. Back to cat videos.

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