Not Buying What You’re Selim



On last night’s Tonight with Dearbhail McDonald (top), Dearbhail was joined by Ali Selim (Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland), Carol Hunt (Sunday Independent) and solicitor Kevin Brophy.

The discussion turned to polygamy and its role in Islam.

Note the subtle shaking of the head at 0:11 and wide-eyed disbelief at 0:39.

Watch in full here.

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8 thoughts on “Not Buying What You’re Selim

  1. Zynks

    Seriously, a wife is really hard work (I am sure the vimmin say the same ’bout us), so who the hell would want two or more? Madness!

  2. Twunt

    Careful now, don’t want to be seen as a racist. Best to just let minorities do as they want, be that multiple wives, genital mutilation, child rape. It’s their culture.

  3. phil

    @twunt.. or how about what catholic ireland tolerated and swept under the mat for generations.. priests with no wives, who raped multiple children as they pleased with the protection of the church, state and gardaí in many cases

  4. j9

    oh yeah … because the catholics did/do it then it makes it ok for everyone to do it… great argument there. How-Aboutery is the same as What-Aboutery ….

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