And A Bang On The Ear



Scooperman writes:

“I know you don’t normally do this but I came home from the Sligo Fleadh in a misty haze of confusion, minus this drum [above]. It owes me nothing at this stage but the wife bought it for me so I’m under pressure to get it back. Any help greatly appreciated.”


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15 thoughts on “And A Bang On The Ear

  1. Sheikh Yabooti

    My dog got robbed from my driveway yesterday, probably being savaged by pitbulls right now. Fück your inanimate drum.

  2. Jess

    You brought a djembe to the fleadh?? A bodhran player probably smashed it with your didgeridoo to wild applause

      1. scottser

        only to lull you into a false sense of security, scoops. i’d say that djembe is at the bottom of the garavogue at this stage.

        was down there meself, getting the culture into the little one – had a great laugh. lovely vibe this year in sligo.

        hope you gets your drum back lad

        1. Scooperman

          Cheers scottser. Was a good’n alright. Far too much fun police in Derry. Looking forward to next year.

          1. scottser

            got to see the martin o’connor band play at the hawks well. absolutely stunning gig – watching true masters of craft at work is an amazing thing. then they brought out john jo kelly at the end! pretty much everything i saw after that was muck!

  3. Murtles

    There was over 40 pubs with music, about 20+ competition venues, 3 main outdoor arenas and 8 streets closed off for buskers that entertained the crowds of around 200,000. Any chance you could narrow it down for us i.e where you may have seen it last?

    1. Scooperman

      Hargadons pub. Spent all day in there Sunday. I’ve tried them-no joy. I’ve tried the Garada Station, Fleadh info email, facebook page, schuttle bus co. bringing people to campsite and every pub I could think of being in. Didn’t go near any outdoor arenas/competition venues.

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